OurHealthMate will raise Series A funding by end of the current fiscal year. Plans expansion into South East Asia in 2019

OurHealthMate will raise Series A funding by end of the current fiscal year. Plans expansion into South East Asia in 2019

Hyderabad, August, 2018: OurHealthMate, a health-tech startup based in San Francisco, today announced its expansion plan that included increasing its global footprint by starting operations in Philippines, mid next year. They will also raise ‘Series A’ funding by end of the current fiscal. OurHealthMate has raised an initial funding of $ 3 million from various investors. They have set a target of doing transactions worth$ 12 million in the current fiscal. OurHealthMate has already recorded 20% month on month growth. They are presentacross 400 cities in India.

OurHealthMate aims to deliver seamless, easy, and reliable health management solutions for its corporate and B2C customers. They are a large player in the corporate wellness segment managing health and wellness for over 250,000 employees in India and 320,000 direct users across the world. Currently, more than 80% of the OurHealthMate’s business comes from the corporate sector.

Speaking to journalists here, Abhinav Krishna Co-Founder & CEO, OurHealthMate said that, “The Indian healthcare ecosystem needs to be consolidated with better technologies, facilities management and capacity building for improved health outcomes. Our aim is to grow twice over the next 2 years and cover more than 1 million lives in India. Simultaneously, our goal is to keep increasing collaborations with health service providers.”

Further elaborating on their growth strategy, the health tech brand which has on going partnerships with about 500 hospitals and laboratories across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh announced that it will acquire 250 additional collaborations by end of this year. The health tech startup has most of the leading hospital logos in their portfolio.

According to Siddharth Upadhyaya, Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, “Since Hyderabad is the destination for most technology and biotech companies, we plan to make this city the hub for serving corporates in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our offering in healthcare benefits program for corporates is unique as much as it is distinct. With our focus on women’s health issues and mental wellness, we hope to double the number of corporate employees we touch in the next one year.”


Technology Edge – OurHealthMate Platform

OurHealthMate is powered by a secure digital platform which connects payers, providers and patients. The technology platform integrates health and wellness management solutions.Technology is making it easier than ever before to track health, connecting tracking with preventative solutions. OurHealthMate is an open platform that integrates multiple technologies, ensuring that data is secure and encrypted.

  • At OurHealthMate account opening doctor discovery, checking reviews is not charged but booking services, send emails/INmails are payable.
  • OurHealthMate charges the health service provider and not the consumer.

OurHealthMate Corporate Edge

  • OurHealthMate engages with corporates for personalized wellness portfolio management of employees. Their services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy:

o  Care planning: Identifying the healthcare needs of an individual employee and workingwith various permutations and combinations to address specific goals through care planning frameworks

o  Execution: OHM’s platforms and care-plans are powered by over 30,000 plus doctors, 4,50,000 services, 2,000 hospitals, labs and diagnostics centres

o  Business Intelligence: This intelligent, tech-driven analytics engine is secure, giving real-time data that offers a 360-degree view into an organization’s employee benefits program.