Pressman’s Q1 Total Income up 30%

Shoppers Stop posts EBITDA growth of 22.1% in FYQ4 19 & Sales Growth of 4.7%

Kolkata, 13 August 2018:  For the quarter ended 30th June, 2018, Pressman Advertising’s Income from Operations increased by 42.53% to Rs.1464.59 lakh (Rs.1027.52 lakh).  Profit from Operations for the quarter increased by 50.50% to Rs.276.65 lakh (Rs.183.81 lakh).

Pressman’s Q1 Total Income up 30%

Total Income for the quarter increased by 30.46% to Rs.1500.19 lakh (Rs.1149.94 lakh).  However, Other Income for the quarter declined to Rs.35.60 lakh (Rs.122.42 lakh).  As a result, Profit Before Tax for the quarter increased marginally to Rs.312.25 lakh (Rs.306.23 lakh) while Profit After Tax for the quarter stood at Rs.225.25 lakh (Rs.221.23 lakh).

The Earnings per Share (Face Value Rs.2 per Share) for the quarter was Rs.0.96.

The Company has strong fundamentals and its Reserves (excluding revaluation reserves) was Rs.3082.89 lakh as on 31st March 2018 on an equity capital of Rs.469.66 lakh.