Radio City’s Second Phase of Kar Mumbaikar Initiative, a Bright Sunshine to the Lives of Mumbaikars this Monsoon

Radio City’s Second Phase of Kar Mumbaikar Initiative, a Bright Sunshine to the Lives of Mumbaikars this Monsoon

Mumbai, August 2018: This monsoon, Radio City, India’s leading radio network decided to free Mumbaikars of their monsoon woes through one of its kind“Kar Mumbaikar” initiative. The idea of the campaign aims at resolving city specific issues that Mumbaikars face in their locality, areas, society. With the campaign tag line of ‘Monsoon Mein Bol Soon’, Radio City’s RJ Salil and RJ Archanakick started the “Kar Mumbaikar” activity on ground in the last week of July at Thane Railway Station in the presence of BJP corporator Mr. Bharat Chavan. Bollywood Celebrities like Akshay Kumar, TapseePannu, Darshan Rawal, Jimmy Shergill, John Abraham, Mahi Gill, Chitrangadha Singh have voiced their support towards the activity through social media and on air bytes.

Through Kar Mumbaikar campaign, Radio City team will narrow down on a society/area plagued by monsoon problems. Over the period of last few weeks Radio City’s RJ Salil and RJ Archana has coveredThane, Kandivali, Malad, Navi Mumbai and many more area and interacted with listreners on regular basis. The idea is to conduct a on ground Sabha in the presence of local authorities and direct them to address and solve their grievances. In this eight-week long activity, Radio City aims to cover all areas of Mumbai and bring drastic improvements to the living conditions. Issues that are being addressed as part of the initiative range from potholes, sewage, water contamination, weak bridges, mosquitos, livewires and more.

Commenting on of Kar Mumbaikar, Mr. Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said, “Mumbaikars face several challenges during monsoon every year which severely limits the way they live. Safety and personal hygiene is of utmost importance for any human being and that is what we at Radio City aim to address through Kar Mumbaikar initiative. The primary motive behind this initiative is to utilize the power of radio as a medium to influence change and enhance the standard of living. I am extremely proud of the work that RJ Salil and RJ Archana along with Radio City team are putting in and their efforts are bearing fruits already. I would like to thank the local authorities for their support and cooperation in our battle against the hardships faced by the common man. I urge all our listeners to voice out their issues so that we can make together make Mumbai a better place to live in.”

Radio City RJ’s Salil and Archana said, “Being hardcore Mumbaikars ourselves, we understand how monsoon is a difficult time for everyone. So in the second phase of Kar Mumbaikar, we have taken it upon ourselves to help people in all parts of Mumbai to resolve the problems they grapple with during monsoon. It was appalling to witness the problems that Mumbaikars face and as true Radiocitizens we went all out to help resolve them by communicating the issues to the local authorities.  It is definitely a moment of pride for all of us at Radio City that we have successfully resolved issues with the help of authorities in areas like Kandivali, Thane and more. Through this campaign we are excited to contribute to more positive change in Mumbai.”

On 4th August, Radio City team along with RJ’s Salil and RJ Archana will visitGovind Nagar,Malad East, Ward number 145 along with the corporator Dr.RamBarotand try and help solve the problems that the locals are facing in their area. OnWednesday 8th August, Radio City’s RJ Salil and RJ Archana will be doing their morning show “Kasa Kai Mumbai” LIVE from Navi Mumbai. They will fill the potholes in the area, along with pothole killers Irfan Macchiwala and Mushtaq Ansari.

Kar Mumbaikars is being driven by Radio City’s most famous RJ duo of Salil & Archana.  Radio City urges Mumbaikar’s to dial in on 66969191 or reach out to Radio City’s RJ’s on social media to flag off all problems pertinent to their locality and promises to take action by liaising with the government authorities.With a brand philosophy of Rag Rag Mein Daude City, Radio City understands the pulse of each city and is committed to identifying city specific causes and leveraging radio as a medium to take action to resolve them.