India will lead the change and Reliance will be at its forefront: Anant Ambani


“Wherever we go, we would like to be the number one,” Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) founder Dhirubhai Ambani had said this years ago. On RIL’s 40th anniversary, held in Navi Mumbai on Saturday, his grandson Anant Ambani reiterated the founder’s vision saying that India will lead the change to write a new history with Reliance at its forefront.

“We are blessed that we are born at a time of human history, where we will not be a mere chapter in the historical account but can write a new history that will change the world forever. That change should be led by India and Reliance should be at the forefront of that change,” he said.

Anant is the youngest son of RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani.

Talking about the customer centricity of the group, Anant Ambani said that for them, a customer is not merely a sales number, but an empowered individual who will be a change maker.

Drawing from the strengths of the RIL employees, he added that while he will not be able to inspire them like his father now, he aspired to do so in the future.

Reminiscing Dhirubhai’s words, Anant recalled how the founder used to always say that relationships are everything, the rest are minor details. Anant, said, like his grandfather he also believes that such emotional bonds are deep and last much longer.

“At Reliance, we keep things very simple. We respect merit, we encourage leadership, we celebrate innovation, we insist on integrity and we champion compassion,” he said in one of his first speeches addressing the audience.