Solution of Terrorism and Egoism is Possible by Ekatmvad of Shankaracharya: CM Chouhan


Bhopal : December, 2017:Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that solution of terrorism and egoism is possible only by Eakatmvad of Shankaracharya. Chouhan was addressing the Jansamvad Programme held under the Ekatm Yatra at Shahdol today. He mentioned that Advait Vedant of Shankaracharya says that the entire world is a family. Fauna flora all are part of Param Brahma. Chouhna further mentioned that the philosophy of Adishankaracharya paves way for the welfare of the world by uniting all. Owing to disputes, situation in the world is tense today. Several countries are on the verge of war and are inclined to put world in the crisis by destructive weapons because of their egoism. In these circumstances, the Ekatmavad of Shankaracharya canpave way for peace and happiness in the world. CM Chouhan mentioned that the philosophy of Shankaracharya gives a message of social harmony, unity and brotherhood, hence everyone must cooperate to develop brotherhood and harmony in the society by adopting this philosophy.

Moreover, Chouhan stated that Adishnkaracharya established four peeths in the country and has contributed significantly for eradication of malefactions of Bharat’s sanatan dharma. He mentioned that important place has been given to fauna, animals, birds, trees and plants in Indian Philosophy. We worship Bad, Pipal, Tulsi and Supari in different forms and consider coconut as the most sacred. Chouhan said that we have to stop forest’ destruction and undertake plantation besides its protection for the safety of the world. He further mentioned that there is a need to make the purity and piousness of rivers everlasting. Contribution in the prosperity of the country by developing sentiments of brotherhood and unity is moral responsibility of all the sections of the society.

Acharya Sukhdevanand said that the Advaitvad of Shankaracharya paves way for brotherhood and unity in the society. Adishankaracharya presented Advait philosophy, when there was adverse condition in the country. Praiseworthy efforts have been made by Madhya Pradesh Government to spread Advait philosophy and to develop feelings of brotherhood among the people. Madhya Pradesh is the prime center of the country. The message of brotherhood, harmony and unity must reach the entire world from here. Acharya Basantrao Gadgil mentioned that the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has undertaken an exemplary work to spread the philosophy of Gurushankaracharya. This is a noble and pious work, everyone must praise this and become partner in this pious work. He further stated that this pious work of Madhya Pradesh should be adopted by other states too.

At the outset, Chouhan performed poojan of shankaracharya’s paduka. Acharyas and Dharmagurus were welcomed with garlands, shawls and shreephals. Dhwaj and kanya poojan was performed. Member of Parliament Gyan Singh and MLA Smt. Pramila Singh also presented their views in the programme.

Vice Chancellor of Sambhunath Vishwavidyalaya Mukesh Tiwari, Chairman Tribal Commission Narendra Marawi, President Nagar Palika Smt. Urmila Katare and eminent citizens in large number were present on the occasion.