Gujarat Elections 2017 LIVE: Narendra Modi now in Mehsana for another rally


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah will continue their campaign trail for Gujarat elections on Saturday, even as the state votes in the first phase of polls.

Modi began the campaign trail with a rally in Lunavada town of Mahisagar district in north Gujarat. The prime minister will later address campaign rallies in Mehsana, Anand and Bodeli. Amit Shah will address two public meetings in Dahod and as many in Kheda district.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will be in Vadnagar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home town, to address a public meeting.

Here are the latest updates and development from BJP’s campaign trail for Gujarat elections today:

■ 4.15pm: PM Narendra Modi has started addressing his rally in Mehsana. (ANI)

■ 3.06pm: “Congress party is synonymous with corruption. Their corrupt practices will never be accepted in Gujarat,” PM Modi says in Anand.

■ 2.26pm: “What is the fault of Gujarat’s farmers? The government can write off the debt of industrialists but not farmers,” says Rahul Gandhi.

■ 2.23pm: “BJP gave 45,000 hectare of land from five villages in Kutch to Adani at Rs1 per meter and the same land was later sold by Adani to government sector companies at Rs3,000 per meter. And Modi says development has taken place,” says Rahul Gandhi in Patan.

■ 2.21pm: “BJP gave the entire land of five villages to set up Nano factory, promising job opportunities to the villagers, but no one has got any job in that factory,” says Rahul Gandhi in Patan.

■ 2.18pm: Rahul Gandhi in Patan says, “This election is not about PM Modi, it is about Gujarat and the future of its people.”

■ 2.11pm: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is addressing an election rally in Patan.

“They have everything, central govt, UP govt, Maharashtra govt, IB…everything…but Congress party has nothing but the truth of Gujarat,” Gandhi said.

Jaadu ka khel hai.. 33,000 crore rupaye, aapki zameen, aapki bijli… sab gayab hogaya. Mazzaa agaya! Kisko? 5-10 udyogpatiyon ko (It’s magic, Rs33,000 crore, your land, your electricity, all gone. Who benefitted? 5-10 businessmen),” he adds.

■ 2.05pm: PM Modi said in Bodeli that the Congress party will not win in Gujarat. “Congress’s wish to defeat Modi will not fulfil in this birth,” he said. (Tv9 Gujarati)

■ 1.55pm: PM Modi is addressing a campaign rally in Bodeli. “Congress leaders are unable to understand and identify with the aspirations of the tribal communities and the farmers.” (ANI)

■ 1.24pm: “BJP has its government in Gujarat for 22 years. I will only ask, what is the reason development is missing in the prime minister’s speeches. I asked 10 questions on Gujarat’s report card but no answers came. No manifesto till the campaign for the first phase of polling ended. So, ‘ab bhashan hi shasan hai’ (does governance mean mere speeches now),” Rahul Gandhi asked on Twitter. (PTI)

■ 1.19pm: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today stepped up attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking why there is no mention of development in his speeches during the Gujarat election campaign. Gandhi said he did not get an answer to even one of the 10 questions he had asked Modi on Gujarat’s report card, despite the BJP being in power in the state for 22 years, and wondered if governance meant mere speeches. (PTI)

■ 12.41pm: PM Modi on Congress promising quota to Patidars: “Congress has promised reservation in Gujarat to a community. Are they going to snatch it away from SC/STs or OBCs or is it just like quota promise to Muslims?” (PTI)

■ 12.38pm: “Congress promised reservation to Muslims in various states. Have they been able to fulfil the promise?,” asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a poll rally. (PTI)

■ 12.34pm: Congress leader Rajiv Shukla responds to PM Modi’s remarks about Salman Nizami: “Salman Nizami kaun hai hum jaante hi nahi. He does not hold any position in the party. We can also say that there is some random person Ram Lal in BJP who said something.”

■ 12.19pm: “When Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, Muslim women pleaded with his government to abolish Triple Talaq but his advisors told him that if he did it, he would lose the elections. Those who couldn’t give Muslim sisters their rights are today talking about Hindu-Muslim politics. We will bring a law against Triple Talaq in Parliament,” says PM Narendra Modi.

■ 12.08pm: “Congress has not given OBCs their constitutional rights for 25 years. We passed a law in Lok Sabha but the Congress is holding it in Rajya Sabha, where they have majority. We have pleaded with them for the sake of my OBC brothers and sisters but they are adamant on not clearing it in Rajya Sabha,” says PM Narendra Modi.

■ 12.01pm: “I want to tell all Congress leaders who are abusing me, mocking my poor family, asking who my parents are-this nation is my everything. Every moment of my time is devoted to India and 125 crore Indians,” PM Modi in Lunavada. (ANI)

■ 11.55am: “In every part of the nation, the Congress has misled the Muslim community. They have made fake promises of reservations for Muslims but in no state have they fulfilled their promise,” says PM Modi. (ANI)

■ 11.54pm: “Congress does not have any idea that they are hurting the people of Gujarat by abusing Modi,” says PM Modi.

■ 11.52am: “I want to answer them who are asking me about my parents, that Bharat Maa is my mother and father ,” PM Modi in Lunavada. (Tv9 Gujarati)

■ 11.48am: “Salman Nizami asks on Twitter- Modi who is your father, who is your mother? Among the other things he says- he calls for Azad Kashmir. He calls our army rapists. How can the people accept such people like Salman Nizami? He also says there will be an Afzal from every home,” says PM Modi. (ANI)

■ 11.42am: “There is a youth Congress leader Salman Nizami, he is even campaigning for Congress in Gujarat. He wrote on Twitter about Rahul Ji’s father, grandmother. That is ok but he asks – Modi tell me who is your Mother, who is your father? Such language can’t even be used for enemies,” says PM Modi in his election speech. (ANI)

■ 11.34am: “ Congress has been rejected comprehensively across the nation. Gujarat too will reject the Congress and will punish them for their politics,” says PM Modi in Lunavada. (News18)

■ 11.28 am: Narendra Modi has started addressing BJP election rally in Lunavada town of Mahisagar district in north Gujarat. (ANI)