Two Day International Seminar On Ayurveda & Yoga Concludes


Bhopal, November, 2017 : On the day two of International Seminar-Niramaya 2017, the session was began with guest lectures of Ms Maria Theochorus, Dr. Prashant Kakoda, Dr. Vinay Mishra and Dr. Nishi Arora. The day also witnessed unique Ayurveda Food Festival in which the participants prepared healthy dishes using various herbs and spices. The Food Festival  was inaugrated by Ms Maria Theochorus, Dr. Olege, Dr. Nitin Agarwal and chairman, RD Memorial College Mr Hemant Singh Chauhan. These dignitaries also judged the best dishes.

Ms. Maria Theochorus, a yoga teacher for over 12 years,  gave a brief account of the present trends and awareness about yoga in Cyprus and Greece. She said it is transforming the lives of the people there.

Dr. Prashant Kakode from Cambridge U K, talked about stress management. He said stress causes hormonal imbalance and leads to physiological changes that brings about various illnesses in our body. Dr. Vinay Mishra, Psychologist from Bhopal spoke about the factors which impact on the persons mind like stress, anxiety, denial.

Dr. Nishi Arora, presented a case study on depersonalization. She explained the case in which a person completely forgot about his identity and transformed into a new person. She talked about possible treatments for such identity crisis cases.

Dr. Narendra Jain spoke about the neurotransmitters and their role in psychosomatic disorders and also gave a brief account of the medicines which can be used to maintain the balance in the neurotransmitters and relieve. His concept was Indian medicine for Indian body.

Dr. Dilip Nalge explained stress and how to combat the stress by accepting, listening and introspecting.

The valedictory function was presided over by Mr Nandkumar Singh Chuahan. He praised the initiative of organizing successful international conference on Ayurveda and Yoga. He also assured all possible support from Madhya Pradesh Government to promote Ayurveda and Yoga in the State. Prof K S Dhiman Director General CCRAS was guest of honour for valedictory function. Mr Chauhan also distributed the prizes to the winners of paper and poster presentation and also the Winners of Ayurveda Food festival.