Goodricke brings health in a cup with the launch of New Tea Blends at Goodricke Tea Pot


Bhopal, November’2017Goodricke Group Ltd., a brand synonymous with the finest teas that are heralded the world over, introduced ten newly-brewed Tea Blends over a session with renowned nutritionist, Dr. Nidhi Pandey, at ‘Goodricke Teapot’, DB Mall, Bhopal. With a plethora of existing tea options to choose from, these new tea blends deliver a deliciously different and refreshing dose of heritage for the ultimate taste and health benefits.

There is a tea for every taste-bud in these new blends. It ranges from Barnesberg Chamomile and Marigold Tea,Coconut Carnival TeaTurkish Mint Tea, Thurbo Kashmiri Kahwa, Badamtam and Roasted Rose Tea, Bombay Masala Chai, Chai ka Chamak and Curry Patta Chai to nurture a tea lover’s expectations. Some of these can also help in reducing the risk of Diabetes, pulmonary diseases and in improving blood sugar and blood pressure levels. In a nutshell, these new tea blends combine health with taste.

Made from organic tea leaves and natural ingredients, these tea blends capture a fresh brewed taste that tea drinkers would love. The healthful benefits of these tea blends’ natural ingredients, like Chamomile, Coconut, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Rose, Saffron, Marigold, are associated with a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Nidhi Pandey, confirms that these ingredients have many generic benefits that are essential for our good health and keeps many diseases at bay. During her session at the ‘Goodricke Teapot’, Dr. Pandey added, “It is more convenient to have a sip of brewed wellness than treating diseases”.

“As the Specialty Tea Company in India, we are thrilled to create tea recipes that not only cater to a varied range of customers but also adhere to the health benefits with the rich ingredients added to these new blends. We believe that be it a gourmet tea specialist or just an inquisitive visitor, is bound to love them.” said Mr. Vikram Singh Gulia, Vice President, Goodricke Tea.

All ten varieties of these new tea blends are brewed from special Goodricke recipes to deliver a crafted feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation to its drinkers. “For several years, we have been known for the passion with which we create uniquely delicious teas,” affirms Mr. Vikram Singh Gulia of Goodricke Tea.