RBI likely to list 50 more bad loan accounts


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may come out with a list of 50 more bad loan accounts, including the accounts which are close to being termed as stressed accounts, reports the Economic Times.

The central bank is likely to set March 31 as the deadline for the banks to resolve the issue or go ahead with bankruptcy proceedings against the borrowers, a finance ministry official told the paper.

The new list will be clubbed with the earlier identified bad loan accounts, including the ones where bankruptcy procedures are in the process.
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Additions to the list are believed to have come up while the authorities were discussing the recapitalisation of public sector banks.

The recap plan will reportedly not bloat the capital requirement of the lenders beyond what has been estimated. However, profitability of lenders who classify the loan accounts as Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) will reduce as they will be required to keep aside funds for these accounts.

The ministry is said to be in talks with the regulator “over the modalities of the recapitalisation scheme” and the above-mentioned developments are also being considered because the “provisioning requirements of banks” can lead to such cases as well.

Details of accounts being identified are yet to be disclosed.

According to experts, the next list will be of those lenders who fall under the SMA-2 category, which means lenders who have delayed their loan repayments by 60 to 90 days.