Will the OnePlus 5T trim the bezels?


OnePlus is going to unveil a new smartphone called the OnePlus 5T on Thursday night at an event in New York, US. It will be available in India from 21 November on Amazon.in, though pricing details are not available yet. The e-commerce store has already listed the device with the date and time of availability. The price and other details are expected to be available once it is unveiled.

Like all popular smartphones, there have been several speculations and rumours about the OnePlus 5T as well. We don’t expect any major changes in configuration as OnePlus smartphones with T suffix are usually about catching up with rivals which are launched later with a smartly timed “mid-life” refresh, so to say.

The One Plus 3T was launched on similar lines to compete with the Pixel smartphones which offered the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset at that time.

OnePlus 5T provides the phonemaker another chance to stay ahead of the rivals in the Android ecosystem that were released after the OnePlus 5 (starts at Rs32,999).

An image teaser of the OnePlus 5T published on tech website Android Authority shows a front panel with edge-to-edge screen and very thin bezels. Most of the new smartphones launched after OnePlus 5 such as Google Pixel 2 XL and LG V30, Oppo F5 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 have embraced the new design. The OnePlus 5 with its wider bezels looks dated in comparison. It allows them to offer a bigger screen without looking big or feeling bulky.

This means the OnePlus 5T will have a bigger screen. We guess it would be somewhere between 5.7 inches and 6 inches.

There has been speculation about a boost in screen resolution. But we don’t think One Plus would switch to 2K resolution so soon and will hold it back for the OnePlus 6.

So the new smartphone is likely to have a resolution of 2,160×1,080p and the wide aspect ratio of 18:9.

A listing on benchmarking website GFX Bench hints at a OnePlus smartphone, other than OnePlus 5, with a 6-inch display with resolution of 2,160×1,080p, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. That mystery phone could be the OnePlus 5T.

It won’t be surprising if OnePlus decides to stick to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 this time too, simply because none of the rivals have gone with the Snapdragon 836 so far.

A couple of posts by the company CEO Pete Lau on the OnePlus forum confirmed a few things about the upcoming smartphone. Lau refuted notions that there will be no headphone jack in the upcoming smartphone and it will support wireless charging.

He said, “Keeping the headphone jack allows our users to continue to take full advantage of the excellent range of audio choices on the market. Wireless earbuds aren’t there yet to provide the same quality of audio. So we are keeping the headphone jack for OnePlus 5T.”

“Given the current state of wireless charging technology, Dash Charge is still the superior choice. We’ll consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right. Until then, we’ll stick to Dash Charge,” said Lau on wireless charging.

This means, the OnePlus 5T won’t have a glass back design which is required for wireless charging technology based on Qi standard.

OnePlus 5 marked a new high for the company in terms of camera. The dual 20-megapixel and 16-megapixel cameras are comparable for some of the most popular smartphones in the segment. Any upgrade in that area is highly unlikely. We can’t rule out new modes and improvements in camera algorithm.

According to a report on tech website GSM Arena, sources in British telecom O2 claim that the prices of OnePlus 5T is likely to be the same as the OnePlus 5 smartphones. This means the older smartphones are likely to get a price cut. This happened with the OnePlus 3 as well.