Procedure to Deposit Difference Amount in Farmers Bank Accounts Fixed


Bhopal : November:The State Government has fixed the procedure to deposit the difference amount in the bank accounts of the registered farmers under the Bhvantar Bhugtan Yojana. It is to be highlighted that under the Kharif-2017, the difference amount of the crops like soybean, ground nut, urad, moong and maize sold by the registered farmers in mandis during October 16 to 30 will be deposited in the bank accounts of the farmers as per the eligibility under the scheme.

The total difference amount will be deposited in the bank accounts of M.P. State Agriculture Marketing Board by the Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Department by calculating the model sell rates during the prescribed sell period on the basis of data fed by the Revenue and Krishi Upaj Mandi Committee in the portal of the scheme. The amount according to the calculation on the basis of available information in order on the portal will be provided to the Krishi Upaj Mandis of district level for payment.

Committees under the Chairmanship of Collectors at District Level

Under the scheme, wholesale rates for the period from October 16 to 30 have been declared. On the basis of these model rates and according to the provisions of the scheme, the decision has been taken for the calculation of the difference amount and payment. Committees under the Chairmanship of Collectors at district level have been formed in this regard. Officer of Deputy Collector level nominated by the Collector, Deputy Director Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Department, District Marketing Officer of M.P. State Cooperative Marketing Federation, District Manager of M.P. State Civil Supplies Corporation, District Information Officer of National Informatics Center and Officer of the Lead Bank have been made members of the Committee whereas Secretary of District Head Quarters’ mandi has been made secretary of the committee.

This committee will ensure the verification of the information registered on the portal within 7 days. During the process of verification, attention will be paid that the information i.e. area in which notified crop was sowed sent on the portal by each registered and beneficiary farmer is verified by the revenue team. The number of the bank account and IFS code given by the registered farmer on the portal are correct. Moreover the committee will verify the information i.e. quantity of sale of notified crop by the registered and beneficiary farmers during the prescribed sale period according to the sale letter of Krishi Upaj mandi is correctly entered on the portal. The committee will also analyse 10 percent of the transactions of agriculture produces sale quantity of the district at random under the scheme. This analysis will be tallied with the agreement slip, weight slip, and payment slip. It will also be observed that the information of any registered farmer regarding sale of notified crop in the notified mandi during the prescribed period according to the record of the mandi is not missed during the entry on the portal. The difference amount has been calculated on the sale of crop during the fixed period of productivity of the concerned district by registering correct information about crop wise and district wise average productivity on the portal for the scheme under the agro-climatic zone.

According to the prescribed procedure, if the selected crop has been sold by the registered farmer in excess quantity over the prescribed eligibility in more than one transaction, then the difference amount will be calculated considering quantity upto fixed limit of eligibility on the basis of his/her transactions at lower rates from the mutual sale rates of his/her transactions. If the agriculture crop is old in selected mandi of other district outside the district where his/her farm is situated then difference amount will be paid from the district where the farmer has been registered.

Digital Payment of Difference Amount

A separate bank account will be opened in the nationalized bank by the Krishi Upaj Mandi of district level to keep funds received for payment under the Bhvantar Bhugtan Yojana. The digital payment will be made to the farmers directly from this bank account. The District Collectors could utilize the services of revenue, agriculture department and the team of krishi upaj mandis to confirm these facts. A special password will be provided by the National Informatics Center as regard to the payment to the eligible and beneficiary farmer according to the calculation to the committee of each district at the district collector office. After the confirmation, the committee will become capable to make corrections in anomalies on the portal of after the permission of the district collector. Moreover, after the confirmation and verification, the prescribed difference payment will be deposited in the registered bank accounts of all the registered farmers till November 20. Arrangement to give information will be ensured by the district collector through NIC to provide information about the total payment made to the farmer on the registered mobile number of the farmer by SMS before November 20.

Information on Beneficiary Farmer to be kept in Hard Copy

The entire information of all the registered and benefitted farmers of the district will be kept in the hard copy on the portal by the offices of the Krishi Upaj Mandis of the district level after making the payment to them. A copy of this will be provided to the office of the concerned district collector with the signatures of committee’s members and one copy wi9ll be sent to the mandi board. NIC will ensure that all the registered record of the farmers who have been paid the difference amount at the district level should be freezed at the portal .

Provision for Representation for Correction in Anomalies

Representation can be made by the registered farmers to the district collector in case of any anomaly within 15 days after depositing the difference amount in his/her bank account. The representation will be redressed within 10 days from the date of its receipt at collector level and information will be sent to the applicant. Certificates will be distributed to all such registered and benefitted farmers, who are being issued over Rs. 2000 amount in the public function to ensure transparency in the scheme.

In case of dispute at any level related to the payment procedure, District Collectors have been authorized to take decision according to the provisions of the scheme and in accordance to the circulars issued from time to time regarding the scheme.