Traders more inclined to pay upto Rs 50,000 in cash to farmers


Bhopal :November, 2017 : Implementation of Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana in Krishi Upaj Mandis of state has brought much relief to farmers. Farmers are happy with proper arrangement for correct measurement of their produce in the mandis. The traders purchasing the produce are also showing more inclination to make cash payment.

Sanjay Sodhani, a farmer from Chanderi in Pipariya Mandi of Hoshangabad district sold corn at Rs 900 per quintal and was paid Rs 70 thousand 650 in cash by the trader. Similarly, Shivprasad Raghuvanshi of Bargi village in Pipariya Mandi was paid Rs 65 thousand 425 cash for moong purchase at the rate of Rs 4221 per quintal, Rs 52 thousand 782 to Sushri Meena Sahu of Sihora village for sale of soyabean at Rs 2455 per quintal and Rs 52 thousand 360 to Jitendra Patel of Poudi village for sale of corn at Rs 952 per quintal.

Bharat Singh of Mehgaon in Dabra Mandi got cash payment of Rs 57 thousand 400 on selling 16.40 quintal urad @ Rs 3500 per quintal. Sallikram Sahu of Sikouwa village of Datia Mandi got total cash payment of Rs 51 thousand 960 for sale of 19.25 quintal urad @Rs 2700 per quintal, Chottya of Kanpura village in Sheopur mandi got cash payment of Rs 52 thousand 79 for selling 19 quintal soyabean @Rs 2741 per quintal.

Now traders are not facing any problem in making cash payment of up to Rs 50,000 to farmers under Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana. Firm Arihant Traders purchased corn from Dilip Shivram of Bistan village an Govind Heeralal of Umarkhali village through auction @Rs 1140 and Rs 1051 per quintal. The firm made cash payment of Rs 50 thousand each of the total amount and the remaining amount was deposited through RTGS in the farmers’ accounts. The same firm purchased soyabean through auction from farmer Rajesh Babulal of Dogargaon village @Rs 2641 per quintal and made cash payment of Rs 51 thousand 235.

Sushri Dhapubai of Eintkhedi in Sehore Krishi Upaj Mandi and Umar Khan of Pipliya Nagar got 35.48 quintal and 24.81 quintal soyabean respectively registered in Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana and received Rs 97 thousand 393 and Rs 69 thousand 468 respectively in cash. Trader Dilip Kumar Jagmohan Shah purchased their soyabean and paid Rs 50 thousand each and got the remaining amount deposited in their accounts through RTGS. Similarly, Sushri Maya Rathore of Bashinda village in Ratlam Mandi was paid Rs 70 thousand for selling 26.18 soyabean @ Rs 2675 per quintal. The trader paid Sushri Rathore Rs 50 thousand cash and deposited remaining Rs 20 thousand in her account through RTGS. Dhanesh Thakur of Jaisinagar in Sagar Mandi received Rs 64 thousand 875 cash for selling 25 quintal soybean @Rs2595.

Collectors and concerned administrative officers of all the districts are supervising arrangements in the interest of farmers in the state. As a result farmers are getting fair price for their produce.