China, US will have some practical cooperation on OBOR: Chinese envoy


Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to China in November, a top Chinese envoy to the US has said that Beijing and America will have some practical cooperation on one belt one road (OBOR) initiative.

The Belt and Road Initiative is a demand of the world’s development, and it should follow the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration, Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai told reporters at a media briefing here.

“This initiative is not limited by the geographical region, it is open to the world, so we welcome the US to join us. Lots of political experts and entrepreneurs are very interested in it. We already have had some discussion,” he said.

“I hope we can deepen these communication, and China and US will have some practical cooperation with the Belt and Road Initiative,” Cui said in response to a question amidst reports that Japan, India and the US are working on initiatives that would provide alternative financing to countries seeking investment.

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Cui said there should be no “strategic competition” between China and the US.

The two countries should find a way to co-exist based on a win-win cooperation, he said.

“I think the so-called “China model,” the meaning of China model, shows to the world that the development of a country does not need to follow a specific pattern. Each country should find a development path that suits its own national conditions. Every country should have a custom development model and this is the core meaning of China model. It shows possibility to the world,” he said.

Noting that in Chinese there is an expression: “harmony but not uniformity,” he said, to achieve a harmonious world which is set up on the basis that fully reflects diversity, if China did it, that is to show all other countries of the world that they can follow this way as well.

“In English, there is a term called ‘all roads lead to Rome’, and every country can go its own way. China has taken the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics for so many years. It was quite a success so far,” Cui said adding that he believes that that is an inspiration to many nations.

“I don’t suppose anyone can draw out a pessimistic negative conclusion from this. It should be said that if China were successful with this idea, it will lead the world to a brighter future. Who is gonna be pessimistic about a bright future?” he asked in response to another question.

Cui said Trump’s first visit to China will be a historic moment. Trump would be the first head of State to visit China after the recently concluded 19th Party Congress, which laid the blueprint for China’s development in next few decades.

This conference confirmed that China will stick to the path of peaceful development and the win-win strategy of opening-up, as well as seek the common interests and strengthen the cooperation with powerful countries, he said.

“Such a situation will ensure a successful visit. I hope, and I believe that this meeting between the two leaders will give a clear direction and strategy on the development of the two nations. If an agreement can be reached in the highest strategic dialogue between the US and China, which is primarily favorable for two countries and international society,” he said.

“There are many regional and global issues that the two countries need to solve. I think, many countries in the world have high expectations about the constructive partnership between China and the US,” he added.

“I hope, China and the US, as permanent members of UN Security Council, as the first and the second largest economics, can take the obligations and play a role in cooperating in the international community, facing the global challenges, and strengthening the global governance. We also hope that this can be one of the achievements of Trump’s visit,” Cui said