Khadi India Lounge to Open in Bhopal from October 29


Bhopal : Friday, October 27, 2017: A new sale center “Khadi India Lounge” is being started by the Central Khadi and Village Industries Commission at Bhopal from October 29. The programme to be graced by the Minister for Cottage and Industries Antar Singh Arya will be inaugurated by the Chairman of the Central Khadi and Village Industries Commission Vinay Kumar Saxena at 11.00. a.m. Exhibition of Khadi garments and herbal products is being organized on the occasion. Moreover, a fashion show is also being showcased to display attractive khadi products in the programme.

Modern clothes like jackets, ladies gowns, kurtas, and khadi jeans beside khadi and silk jacket designed by the dress designer of national repute will be showcased in the fashion show.

Beside traditional khadi garments, modern khadi dresses designed by the dress designers of International stature will be available for sale in the Khadi India Lounge to be opened at Saraswati Nagar of Jawahar Chowk, Bhopal. Khadi and silk dresses of different regions of India will be made available in the lounge at Bhopal.

It may be mentioned that employment to One crore 37 lakh persons has been provided in the country by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission till now. Special efforts are being made to manufacture clothes as per the Indian climate, its sale and to double the employment., Therefore, Khadi India Lounges are being opened in the entire country.