RSS chief shares views on cow protection, Rohingya Muslims with top govt officials, corporates


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat last week met with around two dozen serving and retired bureaucrats and some corporates and shared some fine points from his annual Dussehra speech, Economic Times reported citing an unnamed source within the ruling BJP’s ideological parent.

Bhagwat reportedly invited them over for the meeting and all the guests were given a 12-point brief on the important points of his speech. Some of the issues touched upon were Rohingya Muslim refugees, cow protection, and the prevailing situations in West Bengal, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir.

“It was a productive and a development-oriented session aimed at eliciting certain points from the audience for gaining and expanding the perspective of the RSS. The suggestions made by the officers were appreciated by the RSS chief,” the source told ET.

At the meeting, an officer reportedly highlighted the situation in Kerala, saying the church there needs to come out of the Vatican Age that it still seems trapped in and adapt to present times.

In the pre-circulated note, Bhagwat stressed on how India’s thinkers need to get rid of their colonial mindset to awaken society towards national ethos. He also stressed on how a “constructive connect from society and reshaping the public mind” is necessary to completely integrate Jammu & Kashmir with India, and how the West Bengal and Kerala governments were helping anti-national forces for petty interests.

The RSS chief also said that it was unfair to link cow protection with violent incidents or communal feelings without knowing the facts. “Entire society needs to imbibe the virtues of cognate and egalitarian behaviour to achieve the desired results,” Bhagwat said in the pre-circulated note.