Anna Hazare plans anti-corruption stir next year


Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare, who led the movement for Lokpal Bill, has once again warned of launching another agitation in Delhi by the beginning of next year against the Narendra Modi-led government’s “failure” to check corruption.

Reiterating his discontent over the Lokpal Bill not being implemented, Hazare, in a press statement, said he had “lost all faith in the PM’s words”.

The Gandhian activist said he was going to launch a protest next year in the last week of January or the first week of February to inform people about corruption in the country. The Hazare-led anti-corruption movement of 2011, which demanded that the Lokpal Bill be passed, had made a significant political impact.

Hazare underlined that his disappointment was due to “the unwillingness of the Prime Minister to appoint Lokpal and Lokayuktas, while indulging in the rhetoric of corruption eradication.”

He also took a dig at the government’s passing of an amendment to the bill “within three days, without even debating it in the Upper or the Lower houses of the Parliament” while they had not appointed a Lokpal and Lokayuktas in years.

Earlier this month, in a letter to PM Modi, Hazare had pointed out that the “hastily” passed amendments was intended to weaken the anti-corruption law, NDTV reported.

In that regard, he had mentioned that earlier it was compulsory for persons, who came under the jurisdiction of the Lokpal, to disclose their assets as well as their family members’. The amendment that was passed in July last year relieved family members from declaring their assets.

Calling the non-enforcement of the Lokpal Bill “a big betrayal of the people of this country”, Hazare asked how the citizens of India were to believe the Prime Minister when he called on them to eradicate corruption.

He also referred an article based on statistics provided by Transparency International that put India at the top of the list of most-corrupt Asian countries.