Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS is learning the basic of cross platform browsing


Microsoft is bringing its Edge browser to Android and iOS with features that would make cross platform web browsing more user-friendly. It is targeted at Apple iPhone and Android users who are also using Windows 10.

The company has released a preview version of Microsoft Edge for iOS, which will be available starting today. The preview version for Android will be available soon. The only catch here is that the access to Microsoft Edge Preview for iOS and Android is restricted to Windows Insiders only as of now. Windows Insiders is a term used by Microsoft for users who have signed up for Microsoft beta testing program for Windows 10.

Convincing users to switch from Apple’s Safari browser on iOS and Chrome browser on Android to Edge browser won’t be easy, which is why Microsoft is banking on features which will make cross platform web browsing easy.

Also, the iOS version of Edge is based on Apple’s Webkit engine which is used in Safari, and the Android version uses the Chromium engine, which runs the Chrome browser, instead of using Microsoft EdgeHTML engine.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Edge browser preview.

Elements of desktop browser

The mobile version of Edge will retain some of the features from the desktop version such as Hub. It allows users to save e-books, browsing history, reading list and downloads on the browser, so they can access them instantly without wasting time in searching them again. With Hub available on smartphones, users can access their content on the go and access them even if they are not around their workstation.

Another highlight of the Edge app is that it supports Microsoft’s new Continue on PC feature. It allows users to send a website and photo from their smartphones to their Windows 10 PC.

This feature will work only with devices that have received the Fall Creators Update, which is releasing worldwide on 17 October.

Seamless browsing experience

With the Edge browser available on mobile, users can browse across multiple devices while their data on the browser will be automatically synced in the background. So if you have been reading an article on the PC and could not finish it, you can read the rest on your smartphone from right where you left. It will also sync your passwords and favourites on all the devices.

The regular features

The mobile version of Edge browser also comes with a built-in QR Code Reader. Users can scan a code and get to the webpage with the tap of a single button. The browser also supports voice search so one can speak out aloud instead of typing the text every time. It also includes an InPrivate mode which can keep your browsing history private by not saving your browsing history on the app. It is similar to incognito mode on Chrome browser.