LME copper may fall to $5,774


SINGAPORE, March 31- LME copper may break a support at $5,855 per tonne and fall to the next support at $5,774, as its bounce from the March 9 low of $5,652 has completed.

The bounce has been driven by a wave B, the second wave of a three-wave cycle from the Feb. 13 high of $6,204. This wave has adopted a flat pattern, consisting of three smaller waves that are roughly equal in length.

The third wave labeled C may have just started, unfolding towards $5,644, or $5,433, respectively the 61.8 percent and the 100 percent Fibonacci projection levels.

Resistance is at $5,969, the 100 percent Fibonacci projection level of an upward wave (c) which is the third wave of the wave B. A break above this barrier could lead to a gain to $6,039.

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** Wang Tao is a Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy technicals. The views expressed are his own.

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