Cockroaches in Cafe Coffee Day retail outlet in Jaipur: Staff slaps customer for filming filthy fridge


In a shocking incident, cockroaches were found inside a refrigerator at a Cafe Coffee Day outlet at Hawamahal in Jaipur. What is even more astonishing is that a female employee of the outlet is seen accusing the customer who was capturing the incident on the camera and eventually slapped him. A video is doing the rounds. Meanwhile, CCD authority has taken notice of the video. It has said, “We will take the required action without compromising in our endeavor to deliver quality products and services to our patrons.” “We have escalated the recent issue at our Jaipur outlet, and are in talks with the consumer & the internal team to ascertain facts,” CCD has tweeted.

The video shows that a customer was making video of the refrigerator. A female staff asked him not to. When he had carried on making the video, she slapped him.

Nikhil Anand Singh has tweeted to explain what exactly transpired by posting a video as well as their detailed explanation

Meanwhile, Coffee Day Enterprises (CDE), which runs Cafe Coffee Day, had said its board will meet later this week to consider raising up to Rs 150 crore through issuance of NCDs.

The amount raised will be used for “replacing debt”, CDE said.

“The meeting of Board of Directors of the company is scheduled to be held on Thursday, March 30, 2017…to consider the issuance of rated redeemable, secured, un-listed non-convertible debentures for an amount not exceeding Rs 150 crore,” CDE said in a BSE filing.

“The above mentioned issue of NCDs is for the purpose of replacing the existing debt,” it added.

The company stock closed 1.52 per cent lower at Rs 233.35 on BSE.