GBS 2017: Strategy, disruption and Chinese innovation on the menu


MUMBAI: A plethora of global thought leaders and globocorp CEOs will be spearheading sessions at the Global Business Summit (GBS) presented by YES Bank and The Economic Times on March 27-28.

Headlining the global speaker pack will be Xiaomi’s Lei Jun, often called the Steve Jobs of China, who kickstarted a revolution by selling world-class devices at affordable prices. Lei created a unique business model by selling only online, with next to no advertising — completely upending the myth that Chinese companies can’t innovate like US and European MNCs.

Today, Xiaomi is not only one of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies but also the first in India to touch billion-dollar plus revenues within three years of its launch. Along with Lei, noted economist Martin Feldstein will take the stage at GBS. He has done cutting-edge work in study of social insurance programmes and taxes. The Harvard professor was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers during the Reagan administration and was even a leading candidate to succeed Alan Greenspan in 2005.

Alongside, Deloitte chairman David Cruickshank and BCG CEO Rich Lesser will produce more than a few intellectual sparks in the inaugural panel discussion, as they discuss how to steer companies in an uncertain global environment.

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London-based Cruickshank has advised large global clients on regulatory and tax matters. BCG’s Lesser has worked closely with top globocorps on innovation, strategy and large-scale transformation. Also speaking on a panel on day 2 will be BCG chairman Hans Paul Burkner, one of the consulting world’s deepest thinkers on strategy matters. The day will also feature maverick media mogul Shane Smith, outspoken and vociferously independent co-founder of VICE Media, who has been rewriting the rules of online content game with edgy products aimed at millennials.

The disruption mantra will also be dissected by serial entrepreneur Bibop Gabriele Gresta of Hyperloop Technologies, who is promoting a futuristic mode of transport first envisioned by Elon Musk. At a time when the world is watching China closely, economist Andy Xie, widely known for his provocative views, will bring fresh insights from beyond the Wall.

And, of course, if Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pack a punch on the inaugural day, his finance minister and trusted troubleshooters will take the dais on day 2. That’s how power-packed the Global Business Summit presented by YES Bank and The Economic Times will be.