Tried and Tested Ways to Preserve Your Suit



By Marie

Suits are one of the best fashion luxuries that humans ever made. It is a privilege to own a piece of the formal wear because aside from the fact that high-quality fabrics and materials are used to make it, some well-fitting jacket and trousers can make a man look intelligent and attractive regardless of his status in life.


The evolution of suits

Over the years, the design and colors of suits have been significantly modified to improve its wearability. Unique prints and neutral colors of the formal ensembles are already available in malls and luxury boutiques. Today, suits can be paired with jeans, jacket, and shirts so men can wear it during late night parties and meetings.

The cost of owning a suit-accessories

Unlike your regular clothes, suits are a bit expensive. You can’t buy more than one when you shop. Hence, it’s important that you learn how to take care of your formal wear to prevent it from wearing away too fast.

Tips to make suits last longer

  • Cleaning: Suits need not be cleaned every week or event after use. Too much cleaning can destroy the natural fibers of the suit and make its color fade faster. To know if the suit needs cleaning, you can use its smell as a basis. If the jacket and trousers still smell fresh, you can hang it back and use it again after. If a sport or stain is present, you can remove it with a wet soft towel.
  • Pressing: You need to be very careful when pressing your suit. If you burn it with a dry iron, the damage is unlikely to be reversed. To get rid of the wrinkles, you can use a steamer instead. The latter is easier and safer to use. Nevertheless, if you need more than a steamer, you can bring yours to expert cleaners, and they’ll take care of the pressing for you.
  • Hanging: Most of the time, wire hangers are being used to hang suits in the closet. Unfortunately, the type of hanger can affect the form of your suit. To maintain its shape, you can opt for plastic or wood instead.
  • Storing: Do not store a suit unless it is clean. Food particles or stains can attract insects such as moths. Inspect for stains and check the pockets for coins or paper bills before keeping it in the closet.

A clean and well-maintained suit will always look fashionable. Taking care of your suit the right way can preserve the condition of your formal wear and save you from buying a new suit again.