India’s oil consumption fell 3 per cent in February


NEW DELHI: India’s oil consumption fell for the second consecutive month in February, paced by lower demand for diesel – the primary transportation vehicle in the South Asian nation.

Oil demand fell 3% to 15,886 thousand metric tonnes (TMT) in February from 16,339 TMT in the same month last year. In January, the oil demand had shrunk 4% to 15,617 TMT from 16,238 TMT in the year-ago period.

The sale of diesel, which makes up about 40% of all domestic fuel demand, fell 4% to 6159 TMT in February. The demand for petrol, however, rose 3% to 1897 TMT.

The sale of jet fuel also rose by a tenth to 575 TMT, while demand for liquefied petroleum gas increased 3.5% to 1809 TMT.