IIT Delhi inaugurates IoT lab in partnership with Samsung


NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has inaugurated an Internet of Things (IoT) lab in partnership with Samsung. The lab was conceptualised in June last year, an MOU was signed with Samsung in August 2016. The devices for the lab have been provided by Samsung, according to a release issued by IIT Delhi.

“The innovative platform was an apt representation of the institute’s thrust on cutting edge research with industry collaboration,” IIT Delhi director Ramgopal Rao said.

According to Professor Brejesh Lall, in-charge of the lab, research on sensor data processing, network architecture and embedded intelligence will be carried out in the lab.

There are currently 15 scholars working in the lab including 5 doctoral students but expansion plans are in the pipeline.”As the activity grows the surrounding space of about 800 sq ft will be combined to make a lab that can cater to about 30 researchers. With time as we get more funds and more projects, the lab will grow exponentially,” Lall added.

The internet of things is the inter-networking of physical and smart devices for advanced connectivity that goes beyond machine to machine connectivity.