Having in-depth knowledge about the cultivation and the Nutrition value of the Papaya Plant, Mr. Vinoth Kumar knew he would be supplying this demand by breaking-even and more. In the year 2012, after a stint in the market for Industrial gases, he went on to meet Holistic& Celebrity nutritionist, Mr. Luke Coutinho, where he understood the extensive use for Papaya Leaf especially in the treatment of Cancer Patients and why it is considered to be essential within the Nutrition industry. Being a graduate in Commerce, he decided to step in and bridge this gap by setting up Pure Nutrition and adding value to the Nutrition Industry in the year 2013. With the help of Mr. Luke, they initiated this with a minimum range of products including the Papaya Leaf Extract which garnered a lot of appreciation post which the interest to serve the target audience was triggered.

The abundance of various types of herbs and spices in South India proved to be of the highest quality through which they could extract these ingredients for formulating nutritious supplements that one could immensely benefitfrom. He also realised the importance of science backing the Nutriment Industry in terms of testing and detecting any heavy metals that could cause irreversible damage, Quality control and a thorough analysis for formulating these supplements. These active ingredients found in the plants are extracted and processed to eradicate the impurities and to make it absorbable by the Human body.

The need for Nutrition was recognised majorly after the development of the fast food culture. Current assessment of the Nutrition marketin India is around 13,000 – 14,000 Cr. and is expected to grow at 20 – 25% per year. Even during the Recession period when all other industries were facing major losses, the Nutrition industry remained stable.

He manages Pure Nutrition as the co-founder and Director. Mr. Vinoth is also in charge of manufacturing activities, R&D and New product developments in coherence with the current day plights. He envisions a healthy planet that revolves around a balanced lifestyle by providing for the deficient needs in the human body.