Chimbai Beach Cleanup, an Initiative by Water Conservation Community, a platform supported by Joy of Water


Mumbai, February 2017: The Water Conservation Communication is the coming together of like-minded citizens who wish to take positive steps towards our marine environment. Supported by the Joy Of Water a soon to be established foundation, an initiative at the back of the Nexa P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas – a UIM World Championship, aims to safeguard and restore the marine and coastal environment by raising awareness through education and effective partnerships with a mission to deliver inspiring programs that engage understanding of the value of marine life together with increased personal responsibility, particularly amongst young people.

The initiative begins with a focus on helping restore Chimbai Beach in Mumbai and the first beach cleanup was planned today, 26th February with a coming together of like-minded citizens joining hands to strengthen the movement of restoration. The youth from Joggers Park also participated, and made a painting and poetry contribution on the theme “Save Our Oceans”.

This social responsibility by Nexa P1 Powerboat Indian, Grand Prix of the Seas was to create awareness and raise the interest levels towards water. The initiative is being spearheaded by Water Conservation Community and is supported under the banner of Joy of Water. Water Conservation Community is committed towards cleaning up the beaches and coastlines. It is a city-wide movement bringing together the colleges of Mumbai, NGOs, artists, experts and citizens to enable more and more people to connect and help clean-up our beaches and coastlines and help ensure that we preserve the balance in nature by protecting our environment and helping build a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.

The key partners of Water Conservation Community are: Joy of Water Foundation, Metamorphosis Theatre, and Mumbai city colleges such as St. Andrew’s, Siddharth, Sydenham, MMK, Rizvi, TSEC, L. S. Raheja, Khalsa, SVT, Lala Lajpatrai, Jaihind, and others.

Fr. Magi Murzello, the Rector of St. Andrew’s College is an active driving force behind the Chimbai Beach Cleanup Project. The Principal of St. Andrews College, Dr. Marie Fernandes says, “I’m passionate about saving our planet and cleaning up water bodies, as water is vital to life. Also, it’s important to realize the oneness in nature with everything around, like the concept of VasudevKutumbakam (One world, one family). It’s only through this oneness that we can reach godliness.”

Omkar Bhatkar of Metamorphosis Theatre, the art curator partner, says, “Marine life is very close to my heart and my only endeavor is to bring art to create ecological consciousness. It’s art that can bring people together for cultivating a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the planet at large.”

Shibani Sachdeva, Lead Associate of Joy of Water Foundation, says, “I have a dream. A dream that every youth in India will awaken and take responsibility of their environment, their neighbor hood, their beaches and oceans and their overall growth in human values. Colleges of Mumbai city are the gateway to the youth; we wish each college to come forward and take responsibility and join hands in creating a wave of earth volunteers.  As a sailor, the ocean has given me life;it’s time to give back.”

Speaking of this initiative, Mr. Vivek Singh, Jt. Managing Director, Procam International said, “One must realize that it is very important for each of us as citizens of this nation to take time off and do your duties towards keeping the environment clean. With this Joy of Water initiative, we are engaging with college youths who take pride and ownerships to clean up the beaches. Also with regards to the race weekend, the P1 Panther Powerboats which will be cruising across the shores of Mumbai is honored with the EPA’s Clean Air Excellence Award, which makes this a truly green racing event.”

With Procam now extending their domain from land to water sports, the grandness of the event is highlighted with esteemed partners across categories. The shoreline of Mumbai’s natural amphitheatre – Marine Drive – will come alive from   3rd– 5th March, as the event will bring to fore close-to-shore racing experience, a first-time racetrack on water and live telecast, and participation from the world’s best pilots and navigators, making this a path-breaking sporting extravaganza.