Fake notes in Haryana: ICICI Bank orders probe


New Delhi: Ruling out possibility of its automated teller machines (ATM) dispensing fake notes, ICICI Bank on Monday ordered a probe into an incident where a customer in Rohtak in Haryana reportedly got Rs2,000 notes bearing ‘Children Bank of India’. Apart from this, some notes were printed with ‘Ek Kadam Swachhta ki Aur’ and ‘Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank’.

ICICI Bank spokesperson said it has installed state-of-the-art note sorting machines that check the quality of millions of notes every day. “If a note, while being checked by any of these machines, fails to conform to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) security measures, the same note is again checked manually by highly experienced bank officials. Any forged note found is separated and reported to the local police. Hence, it is not possible for a fake note to be dispensed from the bank’s ATM network,” it said. “We are investigating the matter,” the spokesperson added.

The incident came close of the heels of State Bank of India (SBI) ATMs pushing out similar notes in Delhi. On 25 February, another SBI ATM, this time in Shahjahanpur in UP, purportedly dispensed a scanned copy of a Rs2,000 note.

On 8 November, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scrapping of Rs500 and Rs1,000 old notes, he had said the move was to suck out counterfeit currency making its way into the country from across the border, which was largely responsible for funding terror.

On 24 February, a 27-year-old man working with an ATM cash loading company was arrested on charges of exchanging five original Rs2,000 bills with the ‘Children’s Bank of India’ notes that were dispensed from the SBI ATM in Delhi.