Amitabh Bachchan and LLOYD Help Spread Happiness


Mumbai, India : It was a red-letter day as LLOYD Electric and Engineering announced Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as its Brand Ambassador.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Nipun Singhal – Director LLOYD


Mr. Amitabh Bachchan would launch the special campaign “LLOYD SPREADING HAPPINESS” with a series of TV commercials and media support where LLOYD commits to bringing relief to millions of lesser privileged people from across the country by providing air conditioners to deserving hospitals, which are providing yeoman service to society.

According to Mr. Nipun Singhal, Director LLOYD,LLOYD Spreading Happiness is a very special initiative that LLOYD has started from this year and looks at continuing for years to come. As a company we commit Rs.100/- for every AC sold during the season and we would use these funds to provide a minimum of 501 air conditioners to deserving hospitals around the country. This number could go up substantially this year itself at the conclusion of the sales of ACs during the season and with the help and support of the customers.”

When LLOYD shared with me this noble initiative, I was immediately keen to partner with such a brand that had “social responsibility” as it’s cornerstone. I have personally seen suffering and understand what a patient goes through. The heat and dust just adds to the patient’s misery. I do hope each and every one will come forward to support the LLOYD Spreading Happiness Campaign and ensure more smiles on millions of faces” said the iconic super star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

The idea was born during a discussion between Mr. Nipun Singhal, Director LLOYD and Mr. Navroze Dhondy, Managing Director, Creatigies, during a drive past some shanties and areas where some not so privileged folks were residing. “It was a concept of LLOYD Care, that grew with each and every discussion that Nipun and I had and now with the SPREADING HAPPINESS campaign all set to go national, we at Creatigies feel proud of being a key partner in the genesis of the concept and its progress” said Navroze Dhondy.

Apart from the spreading happiness initiative Lloyd which is now the No. 2  Brand in the room air conditioner segment has launched 69 new models in 2017. The main thrust in 2017 is the focus on energy efficiency with a wide variety of offerings in 3 star, 5 star and inverter AC’s with WIFI. The wifi products will provide connectivity of the AC to the Internet and will enable the customer to operate the AC’s from a smart phone, get operational data like power consumption and usage hours and also create Artificial Intelligence to directly communicate with the Lloyd Service Centres!

Besides the 21 Wifi Models the company has also launched a 4D Cooling 5 star AC and a 21000 Btu 1.5 Ton Heavy Duty AC that will provide better cooling than even the leading Japanese Brands in the market.

The company has 15 new models with Inverter compressors including a few higher capacity models for the very high ambient conditions all developed with COPPER CONDENSORS for better product life.

Over the last 8 years LLOYD has widened its product range to include LED TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Water Dispensers, Room Heaters and a plethora of small home appliances.