Use the Wings of Knowledge at 13th Edition of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz with New ‘Gamification’ Format


Mumbai, India

“People who have achieved great success are not necessarily more skillful or intelligent than others. What separates them is their burning desire and thirst for knowledge. The more one knows, the more one achieves.”


 Robin Sharma, celebrated Author and Leadership speake

India’s largest and highest rated inter collegiate business quiz, Tata Crucible Campus Quiz will begin from February 11, 2017. The business quiz will measure the knowledge quotient of the participating students by engaging with their intellectual curiosity. The Tata Crucible Campus Quiz will be hosted by noted quizmaster Giri Balasubramaniam, whose distinctive style of quizzing has earned him several accolades.

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz India 2017

Here is a message from Quizmaster Giri “Pickbrain” about this year’s Tata Crucible Campus Quiz

In its 13th year, the competition will include two new cities – Salem and Shillong, expanding the number of the regional rounds to 38. Commencing from Manipal and culminating in Mumbai, the quiz enthusiasts will tackle the intense heat of questions as they battle it out in Tata Crucible’s new quizzing format. Based on the theme of ‘Gamification’ the new format comprises three segments, inspired by very popular contemporary games.

  • League of Legends will take a historical view through anchor points, red letter days, discoveries, eureka moments that paved the path of growth for various companies.
  • Need for Strategy will cover masterstrokes and strategies that changed fortunes of a company and product innovations that gave them a newer outlook.
  • Game of Crowns will unveil the jewels in a company’s crown, illustrating the achievement of its people, thoughts, and products.

The Regional Round winners of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz will compete in the Zonal Finals and the top two teams from each zone will be invited to participate in National Finals, to be held in Mumbai. This year, the competition will take place across five zones instead of four. The National Finals Winners will receive a Grand Prize of Rs.5, 00,000/-* along with the coveted Tata Crucible Trophy; the winners of the Regional Round and Runners-up will be awarded a prize money of Rs. 75,000/-* and Rs.35, 000/-* respectively. The prizes for Tata Crucible Campus Quiz this year are being supported by Tata Docomo, Fastrack and Tata Motors

*Subject to tax deduction applicable at source

(Please refer to the annexure which has the list of cities and their corresponding zones, quiz rules and format)

To ace this competition, the teams need academic prowess, strategic thinking and the ability to take risks, united with team work. With its unique formats, rapid fire rounds and innovative themes, the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz has raised the bar for quizzing in India and gained immense popularity among the youth including in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Mr. Atul Agrawal, Senior Vice President – Corporate Affairs, Tata Services, said, “For more than a decade, Tata Crucible Campus Quiz has set new benchmarks in pursuit of knowledge and is an ideal platform for the students to display their skill sets and razor sharp minds. This year, Tata Crucible Campus Quiz comes to you with an interesting new format and has added two new cities, taking the participation up to the next level. This reflects the growing acceptance that knowledge will be the true differentiator for the future and so very important for the nation’s progress.”

In 2004, the Tata group initiated the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz to promote the quest of knowledge and out of the box thinking through quizzing as a culture among young minds. What began as a simple knowledge platform for the youth in 8 cities has now widened its audience base across the country, and is also traveling outside India. For participants, the prestigious Tata Crucible Campus Quiz goes beyond juggling facts and tackling trivia; it has now become a quest that celebrates their intelligence and sets them apart.

About the Tata Crucible Quiz

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz seeks to bring together the sharpest young minds to take on the heat of the country’s largest business quiz. Youth is a key audience cluster which the Tata group is focusing its communication at and Tata Crucible is a key knowledge initiative towards this engagement. Started in 2004, it has now become an eagerly anticipated annual event. In a commissioned research amongst the participants, Tata Crucible Quiz has been judged the highest rated ground quiz.  The Tata Crucible Campus Quiz is a team-based contest (Two participants per team).