Diva rail sabotage: Central intelligence agencies roped in to nab culprits


Central intelligence agencies have been roped in to investigate the incident in which a long piece of rail was found lying on the tracks between Diva and Mumbra railway stations. A major tragedy was averted on Tuesday (January 24) when drivers  of an express train applied emergency brakes after noticing a rail piece lying horizontally on the tracks.

“Railway employees saved so many lives due to their alertness and now it is in the hands of the investigating agencies to find out who was behind this. We are hoping that it will be found out soon,” Central Railway General Manager DK Shama said.

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In the last 24 hours many people who live and work in the area have been questioned though investigators did not confirm if they have any leads as of now.  The area where the incident took place is uninhabited and the nearest habited village Agasan is over a kilometre away.

“GRP and RPF teams have been questioning people around the area to get more information. We have also informed central intelligence agencies and I am co-ordinating with all teams to see if we can get anything substantial on this,”Atul Shrivastav, Chief Security Commissioner, Central Railway, said.

“Investigations are being done keeping all possible angles in consideration, it could be sabotage or mischief. Whatever it is, it can be found out only when the perpetrators are caught. We are hoping we will get some lead soon,” added GRP Commissioner Niket Kaushik.

12052 Jan Shatabdi Express started from Madgaon on Tuesday at 2.30 pm and was to reach Mumbai at around 11pm.

Just when the train was approaching Diva station loco pilot Harendra Kumar, who was at the command, spotted a long rail piece lying on the tracks. He applied emergency brakes averting a major accident saving lives of nearly 700 passengers. Kumar and his colleagues were later rewarded for their alertness.