Rivali Park joins hand with Maharashtra Police to Propagate Road Safety viaBike Rally in Thane

  • Rivali Park along with Maharashtra Policeorganizes Bike rally in Thane
  • Spreads the awareness of road safety to mitigate accidents

For Immediate Release: 15th January 2017, Thane, Mumbai: Rivali Park, a project under CCI Projects recently organised a rally for HOG (Harley Davidson Group) riders along with active participation from Maharashtra police in Thane. The purpose behind the initiative was to mark the occasion of 23rd road safety week and to spread awareness of ‘Drive Responsibly’ in the city.Rivali Park being the main sponsors of the event aimed at focusing on the plight of ‘Increased Road Accidents’ witnessedacross the nation.

The event witnessed the attendance of around 120Harley Davidson Riders present to support the ‘Highway Safety Patrol’. Music directors of the newly released Marathi film ‘Fuge’ also graced the occasion with their presence. The bike rally took place from Thane to Igatpuri. The rally commencedbyfelicitating the riders of the Biker group. A special rider badge which read Drive safe’ and Drive responsibly’was given to every rider to spread the accident awareness during their ride to Igatpuri.Ms Rupali Amber,Superintendent of Highway Police, Thane Range, also shared her in depth knowledge with the riders and discussed about the importance of maintaining the traffic rules and also made the riders aware about the life-taking risks of speeding up.

Rivali Park’s forte has always been symbiotic not only on humanitarian but also on ecological grounds.

According to Mr. Harjith.D.Bubber, M.D & C.E.O, Rivali Park, CCI Projects, “Taking into account safely measures while riding is of prime importance. We should take the responsibility to propagate safety wherever needed. The event has been organized to create safety awareness among masses along with proliferating the importance of road safety.I will never miss a chance to contribute in such events which is for the betterment of the people”.

About Rivali Park

Rivali Park by CCI Projects is an important and essential future-ready Endeavour. An environmental friendly project coming up in the outlying suburb of Borivali East, a 22-acre sustainable development near the natural reserve, the Borivali National Park. The project is spread across a more than 65% open spaces on the podium which has been designed by Gensler GA. The project is LEED Registered and IGBC Certifies with earthquake resistant zone III. The project features various Green initiatives like Sewage Treatment Plant, Approx. 30% less water usage through high-tech plumbing fixtures and usage of VOC free non-toxic paints, adhesives and sealants.