Freedom.Desi to Hire 1500 Employees Across India


Gurugram, India

Freedom.Desi – a location based retail marketing solution for offline retailers is planning to hire 1500 employees in India. The company based out of Gurugram has identified the need of Digital retail consultants for offline retailers to help them leverage the benefits of location based technology to increase footfall and drive sales.


Recently funded entity is due for second round of funding and has already made in-roads in 41 of the best mall in Delhi/NCR region with over 4000 retailers within the mall complex.


Freedom.Desi is a mobile based application which allows people to decide on the mall before they headout from their homes/offices. The app not only informs the user about the offers in retail outlets in the malls but also informs about various events, promotional activities, floor plans and other services offered at the mall. A user can ask for services to be provided before he/she reaches the mall like wheel chairs for the old or disabled, valet parking to name a few.


Mr. Yogesh Huja, MD, Freedom.Desi, “Today offline retail is reeling from the onslaught of online retailers because of which we need solutions to create a level playing field. Technology is the only saving grace which can actually help offline retailers to boost footfall and increase sales. Our solutions are not just for offline retailers but for mall managements also who can use this to increase footfalls and attract more re-knowned brands under their roof.”


We plan to offer a salary of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 for the right candidates and would like nurture them for our global expansion plans” Mr. Huja added.


The company aims to tap Indian market then go abroad to top 20 tourist destinations across the globe. The current expansion drive will actually help businesses and customers to make informed choices and go out and explore.


About Freedom.Desi

Founded in Dec, 2015, Freedom Desi operates from Gurgaon. With its innovative solutions and proactive framework, the organisation has cemented its base as a business catalyst for a diversified set of retailers & brands. Freedom Desi App enlists the help of GPS location, footfall sensors & beacons to track the users in vicinity in a commercial space, log footfalls and can send out promotional offers to them.