Genesys Begins Implementation of MCGM’s LIDAR Project Making Mumbai the First City to Enable State of Art Property Mapping


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Bags Rs. 65 crore order from MCGM in consortium with Innowave IT infrastructures
Implementation of this technology will help Mumbai to be the first city in India to create a state-of-the-art property mapping system
The project also envisages looking at road survey, mapping street furniture, hoardings and mobile telecom towers

Genesys International Corporation Limited (Genesys) an advanced mapping and survey company, has begun implementation of the prestigious LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Property survey for the city of Mumbai on behalf of MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai). This is a first of its kind project which will create a unique platform for property tax administration and other smart city related applications. The contract of Rs. 65 crore which is in consortium with Innowave IT infrastructures leverages the mapping technology strengths of Genesys.

On implementation of this technology, Mumbai will be the first city in India to create a state-of-the-art property mapping system. With the ability to have mapped parallel road conditions as well as valuable street furniture assets.

The project also envisages looking at mapping all mobile telecom towers.

Following MCGM example, several cities are looking forward to enhance their property tax administration. MCGM, is one of Asia’s largest municipal bodies and has significant property tax revenue. This project will go a long way in ensuring better compliance and updating its records. The project is expected to be completed in a years’ time.

Commenting on this development, Mr Om Hemrajani, Principal, Genesys International Corporation, said, “This project marks the beginning of a new era in public and urban works. We look forward to creating a world class map infrastructure for India’s premier economic hub.”

With Smart city implementations expected in several Indian cities, usage of modern geospatial solutions play a crucial role in better planning and governance.

About Genesys International Corporation (BSE Code: 506109, NSE Code: GENESYS)

Genesys International Corporation Ltd. is an advanced mapping and survey company specialising in navigation maps, LIDAR surveys and geospatial applications. It is also the promoter of Wonobo – India’s first 360 degree map based immersive platform for all major Indian cities. This unique platform is the first urban chronicle of India.


LIDAR is a modern geospatial surveying technology which creates an accurate point cloud allowing more precise measurements. Genesys has the largest LIDAR acquisition and processing capabilities in India. Internationally LIDAR is being used for a host of applications in city mapping as well as for road condition assessment and detailed route surveys.