Hyperloop One to have a showcase event in New Delhi on 28 February


The brainchild of Elon Musk, Hyperloop One concept was announced by the Tesla CEO, back in 2013. Heralded as the broadband of transportation, it is proposed to be one of the fastest way to travel. Passengers would be strapped inside a car-sized capsule which would hurtle through a large vaccumm tube at almost 1,200kmph reaching destinations faster than an airplane.

The company had announced an open competition in May 2016 called the “Hyperloop One Global Challenge” which attracted 2,600 teams pitching ideas and their region to construct a hyperloop.

According to the latest development, Hyperloop One has finalised the Global Challenge finalists. The final 35 selected teams will present at three showcases across the globe – 28 February in New Delhi, 6 April in Washington, DC and 27 April in London. Judges will then narrow the 35 to half a dozen or so. The showcase events will also have government leaders so they can understand the possibilities of the hyperloop and what it could do for their region. Hyperloop One will finalise regions by taking feedback from government along with quality of the entry.


According to a list posted by Hyperloop One, the proposed routes for India include Bengaluru-Trivandrum, Chennai-Bengaluru, Mumbai-Chennai, Mumbai-Delhi and something called Port Connector.

Of course for this to actually happen, it requires efforts from the government, investors, business leaders and others to get on board.

Back in November a teaser video was uploaded on YouTube which showcased the travel times between Dubai and several other cities. The travel time to Abu Dhabi in the UAE is 12 minutes. It is a 27 minute trip to Muscat in Oman, 23 minutes to Doha in Qatar and 48 minutes to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. This clearly meant that routes from Dubai will definitely be a reality.


The good news though is that India is one of the selected regions for the trial run. Last month Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (not Hyperloop One), another company and system developed based on the vision of Elon Musk, had sent out a proposal to the transport minister, Nitin Gadkari in December. The proposal included a route from Pune to Mumbai with a travel time of just 9 minutes.