ThreadSol Gets Acknowledged as a Sustainability Leader for Manufacturing at Parivartan Awards


Delhi NCR, India

ThreadSol Pvt Ltd. has been winning accolades for its path breaking concept and pioneering work. The 2016 Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards were announced in New Delhi recently, where ThreadSol was recognized for their innovation in developing smart and resource efficient garment manufacturing solutions, along with other large corporates, emerging innovators and individuals leading the charge in the sustainability space.

Manasij Ganguli, Founder and CEO, ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are delighted for the recognition. Apart from the aim of reducing garment manufacturing cost and wastage, ThreadSol solutions also aims at minimising human intervention by automating the planning processes and also reduce manual effort of data aggregation.”

Fabric accounts for about 70 per cent of the operational cost of garment manufacturing units, where the average amount of wastages can wary from 5 per cent to as high as 8 per cent, largely because the length and width of cloth varies across mills, among other factors.

ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd. with its innovative solutions enables garment manufacturers to lower their manufacturing cost upto 10%. ThreadSol empowers the sewn product industry with software tools to optimize the use of their biggest investment, fabric. It’s innovative solutions are revolutionising how garment manufacturing facilities work today. Right from buying of fabric to planning of the pieces to tracking every inch of fabric.

ThreadSol solutions are paving way for the most optimised and effortless approach to handle these processes. The company currently has 2 main solutions: intelloBuy- helps manufacturers buy the correct amount of fabric and intelloCut- helps manufacturing optimise their cut planning and save fabric, reduce wastage and thereby help them make millions in the process.

Besides, highlighting the evolving sustainability function in Indian Corporates by recognizing the distinguished Chief Sustainability Officers from Indian corporates, the awards establish several inventive solutions spanning across smart resource efficiency, sustainable consumer engagement and alternate materials were recognized at the awards this time.

Originally conceived by Sustainability Outlook to uncover and celebrate innovation and leadership in resource conservation within the industry, the Parivartan awards have gone on to become a comprehensive Discovery, Showcase and Engagement platform.

About ThreadSol

ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer of Enterprise Material Management that enables garment manufacturers boost their topline by reducing material usage hence production cost. The company was established to Challenge the Present of manufacturing industries with its innovative solutions. ThreadSol is headquartered in Singapore and in the short span of operations we have offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Vietnam, Colombo, Turkey and Dhaka. The company is currently present in 13 geographies and plan 2.5 million garments per day.