Startups use vouchers to incentivise users


CHENNAI: Next time you take the third ride using Bikxie, a bike taxi app, get a voucher from Jabong or Bigbasket. Brands are now finding alternative means to reach the target audience without having to spend on media advertising. Their holy grail -vouchers on consumer apps.App usage is now incentivised with tangible rewards vis a vis credits and reward points.

For personal assistance apps such as AI-enabled Jarvis, having vouchers saves their marketing cost, which would otherwise be spent on referrals.”For us, it cuts down on the $1,500 or $2,000 spent on referral schemes and for the user there is instant gratification. He does not have to wait for the referral scheme to work,” said Ravichandran R, head (marketing and retention), Jarvis. The app sees a 30% increase in stickiness and 25% increase in the time taken per session.
For food and grocery brands such as FreshMenu, Box8, Bigbasket and beauty and grooming brands like Beardo and Pretty Secrets, these apps are new acquisition channels. “We get undivided attention from the users on the app. We were able to add 300 unique users to our base within two months of introducing campaigns,” said Anshul Gupta, co-founder, Box8.
Brands also look to find their target age and gender in the customer base. For instance, Ashutosh Valani from Beardo, runs campaigns through gaming apps that are primarily used by men aged18 and upwards.
“Targeting customers on such platforms means a guaranteed purchase, unlike running ad campaigns on media which are more expensive and yet don’t guarantee an increase in custo mers. Around 25% of our digital purchases happen via such apps,” he added.
The engagement rate further increases when brands run campaigns on the related apps.”Brands have their own personas and when they run campaigns on related apps, they get more customers. For example, a FreshMenu or Box8 would advertise on a recipe app and the right set of rewards would be redeemed,” said Vijaykrishnan Ranganathan, co-founder, Codemojo, a startup that facilitates the connect between the brands and the apps. Some of the brands include Oyo Rooms, CaratLane and Jabong.