Trial of nuclear capable Agni-IV missile likely today


BHUBANESWAR: A user associate trial of nuclear capable Agni-IV missile is likely to be conducted from a defence base off Odisha coast on Monday. The missile would be test fired from the Abdul Kalam Island test facility.

Defence sources said the trial is aimed at revalidating new technologies incorporated in Agni-IV system and checking the readiness of armed forces to launch the missile on its own.

While the navigational warning (Navarea warning) has been issued for mariners for the scheduled test, the mission team is working meticulously to achieve success with high accuracy, sources said.

Though earlier it was apprehended that the test may be deferred due to logistic issues and late movement of tracking ships, from the issuance of navigational warning, it seems the issues have been sorted out.
Defence sources said the intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) would be fired in full operational configuration from a mobile launcher positioned in the launching complex-IV of the test facility.

This indigenously developed surface-to-surface nuclear capable missile is the most advanced long-range ballistic missile capable of being launched within minutes from a self-contained road mobile launcher.
Having a strike range of around 4,000 km, the two-stage solid propelled missile is 20 metre tall and weighs around 17 tonnes. Compared to the Pershing missile of the US in terms of technology, Agni-IV has many cutting-edge technologies which can meet global standards.

The missile can be fired from locations deeper in the Indian hinterland, making it very difficult for the enemy to track and destroy it. The missile also possesses a submarine launch capability.

This is sixth test of the missile and second user associate launch. On December 26, India had successfully launched its longest range Agni-V missile which drew attention of many nations including China.