On New Year eve, cabbies threaten stir


HYDERABAD: On New Year’s eve, Hyderabad’s streets might be devoid of all cabs. Reason: A threat by the Telangana Cab Drives and Owners Association (TCDOA) to stay off the roads in case the managements of cab aggregators, Ola and Uber, do not accede to their demands.

The strike that is expected to kick in on December 30 mid Drink driving crackdown: P3 night, will go on till January 4, the drivers’ body warned on Friday. “The drivers are constantly ill-treated by the mana gements. Because of the fake offers floated by them, drivers have been incurring huge losses. Their daily earnings have dropped to ` 500 (in some cases even lesser than that),” alleged Shiva Vulkundakar, president of TCDOA Listing out their grievances, other members of the association said how despite working for 18 hours every day , they are being unable to meet their target because of a huge gap in demand and supply.


While the number of cabs hitting the roads have jumped significantly, the customer flow hasn’t, they rued. “The drop in monthly incomes have pushed drivers to the brink. In fact, two of them recently committed suicide.There are many others who are being forced to either mortgage their family jewels or borrow from private financiers,” said Balakrishna Goud Kotharaju, a driver working for one of these service providers.


The members lashed out at the government officials too for `supporting’ corporates such as Uber. Urging the authorities and cab managements to address their concerns immediately, including security issues, they threatened to go on an indefinite hunger strike in case there is no response from the government and cab aggregators. The news spread panic among revellers on Friday night with many scouting for alternative arrangement, in case of unavailability of cabs. “A lot of us will be in a soup if there are no cabs on Saturday night.We are entirely dependent on OlaUber, because cops will crack down on drink driving,” said Srikanth Rao, a resident of Madhapur. While Ola or Uber did not issue any statement, sources said their cabs would operate without any glitch