In a year, pollution-choked Capital got 8.7 lakh new vehicles


While pollution chokes the national Capital, it has come to the fore that the number of new registered vehicles in Delhi saw a 64 per cent jump in just one year, taking the total number of vehicles to over 97 lakh. The spike took place despite the alarming pollution levels that triggered the Odd-Even scheme and a temporary ban on 2000 CC vehicles.

The statistics were part of the Delhi government’s Statistical Handbook-2016, released on Thursday. Meanwhile, the national Capital also witnessed a surge in the per capita income by Rs 28,131, taking it to Rs 280,142, in 2015-16.

Interestingly, auto-rickshaws saw an all-time high in registration, with the number of three-wheelers increasing by over 142 per cent. From a total auto population of 81,633 in 2014-15, it shot past 1.98 lakh in 2015-2016

As per the annual statistical data made public by the Delhi government, private vehicles increased by almost 1.96 lakh in 2015-16. The total number of new vehicles registered in Delhi increased from 5.34 lakh in 2014-15 to 8.77 lakh in 2015-16. The total number of registered vehicles in Delhi during 2015-16 was 97.05 lakh. Of the total registered vehicles, the number of cars stood at 29.87 lakh and motorcycle-scooters stood at 61.04 lakh.

The report comes in the wake of constantly deteriorating air quality in the national Capital. The air quality has dipped to severe levels on multiple occasions in the last two years. The development had led to austerity measures by the authorities, including the Delhi government and the Supreme Court

Apart from the two Odd-Even stints by the Delhi government in January and April earlier this year, the Supreme Court had also taken firm steps to check heavy commercial vehicles from entering Delhi. The Apex Court had also halted the registration of diesel vehicles with more than 2000 CC engine capacity, besides issuing directions regarding construction and garbage burning.

Meanwhile, consumption of intoxicants also saw a rise in 2015-16. While consumption of beer saw an increase of 8 per cent, country liquor saw first signs of revival with an increase of 19 per cent since 2014-15. The consumption of country liquor had been on the decline since 2008-09, with the demand falling to less than half in 2014-15.

The number of mobile phones in Delhi, as on December 2015, were 4.79 crore as compared to 4.54 crore in December 2014. The landline phones also increased from 31.23 lakh in December, 2014, to 31.57 lakh in December, 2015.

The total number of electricity consumers increased from 50.44 lakh in 2014-15 to 52.63 lakh in 2015-16.

Total registered vehicles in the city: 97.05 lakh

Total new vehicles registered in 2015-16: 8.7 lakh

Total cars: 29.8 lakh

Total two wheelers: 61.04 lakh

Total auto rickshaws: 1.98 lakh

Total Taxis: 91,073

Total buses: 43,000

Total good vehicles: 2.81 lakh

Per capital income: 2.80 lakh

Increase in 2015-16: 28,131