A Fashionable Christmas Treat by The Sequins Drama


Mumbai, India

Samaira Tolani and Anushka Jethwani from “The Sequins Drama” house of fashion launch their latest winter range “Christmas Party Collection” for the biggest festival season of the year. It focuses on having a fusion of style blended with wearing ease proving to be exquisite choice for today’s women.


The Sequins Drama – Christmas Party Collection

“The Sequins Drama” offers exquisite garment collection for women. It flaunts a versatile range from comfortable business wear to elegant
dresses that leave a lasting impact on people’s minds. The uniqueness of this collection lies in the core attributes of the brand – Manners, Occasions and Style.
The launch event was facilitated by the power house of women empowerment – Mrs. Ekta Wasan Director –The Upper Story along with renowned celebrity Mrs. Bulbeer Gandhi – Asian Business Exhibition and Conference Ltd. The event was curated by very talented Mrs. Reshma Ajbani.
Speaking on this occasion Samaira said, “A professional woman is a perfect mix of skill and presentation. This modern collection has been solemnly created to embrace the modern age woman adding to their power of dressing.”
About “The Sequins Drama”
The Sequins Drama is a house of fashion that was started in 2016 by Samaira Tolani and Anushka Jethwani who share a similar passion for
fashion. With their common interest and dedicated effort they have managed to bring women’s dressing into the mainstream of Indian
Fashion Forum.


Samaira Tolani is an Entrepreneur and Designer from Bandra who has an inclination of designing “modern clothes for modern people”. She started her own boutique in 2013 that showcased garments having modern, sleek look with pops of color and utilitarian shapes. Anushka Jethwani is a freelance fashion stylist who shares a similar interest and passion for fashion and styling. Together they have revolutionized women’s dressing, providing an undeniable choice for women in both social and professional world.