ChipNGift’s Customer Base Swells by More Than 50% Post Demonetisation


Premier gifting website recorded a 10-fold rise in online transactions and witnessed 55% increase in new customer base post demonetisation. The website is witnessing this surge due to people looking at online alternatives to giving ‘shagun’ to their loved ones amidst the ongoing cash crunch.

ChipNGift enables a person to create an event (like wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.) on the website, and share the invite with friends and family, who then chip in and give a big sum of shagun as a group together.

“Our website is seeing this huge traction as people are realizing that it is better to gift a person one thing that they truly desire rather than presenting multiple small gifts. As with any novel concept, the trend of online gifting was gradually gaining acceptance however ongoing cash crunch woes has made group gifting a popular choice resulting in a staggering increase in our customer base,” commented Sukesh Ganda, Co-Founder, ChipNGift.

Almost 70% of the website’s users mainly created an event for weddings or birthdays. “Since demonetisation, we have witnessed 10-fold increase in the number of customers selecting an event for wedding and sharing their gift preferences. Our team observed that for wedding events, maximum of 10-12 chippers chipped in towards the desired gift of the newlyweds,” said Ganda.

ChipNGift is quite bullish that the concept of group gifting will gain further momentum going ahead not only for wedding events but also for birthdays, corporate contributions for farewells, luncheons too. “Group gifting truly redefines the entire gifting experience, making it fun and hassle-free for all. We are getting an overwhelming response from our customers and expecting our good run to continue in the coming year as well,” shared Ganda.

About ChipNGift:

ChipNGift is a whole new way of giving and receiving a gift of your choice. Group Gifting is a total novel concept conceived by the team of ChipNGift to allow friends, family and colleagues to chip in toward joint gift(s), making the process simple, fun and rewarding for all.