Rs. 20/Day to Lose Weight Naturally, Less than the Cost of a Coffee


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Guduchi The Ayurvedism announced the nationwide release of Obesidat, India’s first scientifically proven research based Ayurvedic weight loss tablet on 11th of Nov 2016 and it’s been 45 days since then the positive feedbacks have been flowing in from 1000’s of Obesidat users both nationally and internationally. Guduchi has also signed a large export deal of undisclosed amount with one of the leading pharmaceutical importer based in Iraq and it is in talks with various firms based in Middle East and Europe for further expansion of their export business.

Obesidat is a revolutionary weight loss tablet which works on correcting the cell to cell metabolism of Individuals. This will be the first time where users can lose weight not by suppressing their appetite but by correcting the metabolic system. Guduchi has redefined today?s weight loss market by introducing its innovative weight loss tablet that ensures that weight once lost will not be gained back.

Motivation Behind Obesidat Development

Guduchi the Ayurvedism is founded in January 2013, with clear focus on treating lifestyle related diseases. From January 2013 till end of Dec 2013 we have consulted over 18000 patients, when we analysed the data of these 18000 patients in January 2014 we came across a very interesting  fact, i.e. 80% of these patients that is around 14500 patients primarily had top five life style diseases which are Obesity, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD and Arthritis. When we further analysed the data of this 14500 patients what we found was something beyond the expectation, that is, There was one factor which was common in 12000 patients out of 14500 patients i.e. Obesity, that means if had addressed the Obesity in early stage when the patients BMI status shifting from Over weight to Obese then these 12000 patients did not have to go through Diabetic, PCOD, Thyroid and Arthritis like life style diseases.

How does Obesidat work?

Obesidat removes unwanted fat by correcting cell to cell metabolism of an individual, while most of the weight-loss products work by suppressing the appetite which is only a temporary solution.
As soon as Obesidat enters the blood vessels, it initiates cell to cell metabolism and helps in removing bad cholesterol from the blood vessels.
Obesidat prevents the formation of fatty liver by improving the function of the liver and by removing fat particles from the liver.
Obesidat removes plaque from the coronary arteries and is beneficial in heart ailments. It also dissolves plaque present in blood vessels in other parts of the body. Ex: Atherosclerosis of legs.
Obesidat enhances insulin release and absorption. This helps in maintaining sugar levels and body weight in diabetic patients.

Obesidat – Product Development Cycle

Formed a dedicated team of doctors and conducted research for a period of two year, referred 18 ancient texts of Ayurveda
Research team had to ensure that formulation should be such that the weight once lost should not be gained back
Research team also had to ensure that formulation should also help Lose weight in PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetic patients as well
The formulation development completed by research team on Jan 2015. Which was then approved by Dept. of AYUSH Karnataka.
Formulation was later tested in Ministry of AYUSH approved research lab and proved that there are no side effects of Obesidat and it indeed helps in losing weight
From May 2015 to Oct 2016, Obesidat was given to over 5000 patients under the brand name Medohara from Guduchi. No Contra Indications/side effects observed in any of the cases.
Officially launched Obesidat nationwide on Nov 2016 which concluded with a special Obesity awareness program conducted on Suvarna News Kannada

About Guduchi The Ayurvedism

Guduchi The Ayurvedism was established in the year 2013 Dec with a vision to promote safe medicine. Since then Guduchi has been on a positive path to make a difference for thousands around, be it through their online consultation and pharmacy via Eguduchi or through their exceptional quality product development.