DDA evicting us forcefully, say Kathputli residents


NEW DELHI: Residents of Kathputli Colony on Monday alleged that they were being forcefully evicted by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). They also questioned the heavy deployment of police and paramilitary force in the area.
“People are being forced to leave their houses. If DDA is doing it as per the wishes of the people, then why are so many police and security personnel deployed in the colony? People are scared and are signing the documents due to fear,” said Dilip Bhat, one of the leaders of the Bhat community .
Bhat said the land-owning agency has not given any time frame for the completion of work and no clarity is given as to who will maintain the buil ding and services. “We want an agreement with DDA. It should clarify who will maintain the lifts and other facilities once it is complete,” he added

Another issue that locals are concerned about is regarding the cutoff date to be eligible for the rehabilitation process. “As per our survey , there are 3,600 families. But according to DDA, only 2,641 families will be rehabilitated?” said Bhat.
DDA officials said they are collecting documents from locals that prove they have been living in the area prior to the cutoff date. “We will place the documents before the competent authority which will take the final decision on the number,” said an official. As for the allegation of forcefully evicting people, DDA officials said that only those houses are being demolished which have been issued demolition slips.