Young Writer from Haryana, Published his First Poetry Collection with Educreation Publishing


New Delhi, Delhi, India

A writer from Haryana has tried to enliven his lovelorn desires which has been pining him so far through some magical verses capable of reaching to the millions of hearts longing for their special ones. “Zardozi Ehsaas – Jo Bhi Ho… Jahan Bhi Ho… Mere Alfaaz Tumhe Dhoondh hi Lenge”, a Hindi poetry book rich with the sentiments of a lover has been composed by an emerging author, Mohit Garg. India’s number 1 self publishing company, Educreation Publishing, has proved to be a guiding star in order to bring it under the speculation of thousands of readers.

Rohtak, Haryana, being his birthplace and receiving his upbringing from there, author Mohit Garg has proved to be an ordinary man with a lot of extra ordinary talent. He has been awarded with master’s degree in Marketing and Finance from MDI Gurgaon, after doing graduation in Electronics & Communication from Delhi College of Engineering. He has earned several IT technical and non-technical certifications to his name. He is currently working as an IT professional in one of the MNCs at Gurgaon. His lineage to Nohrewallas, a well-known family, has been traced and he loves to be called as ‘Manmauji’. Apart from gaining professionalism in technology, he has also excelled in the art of writing poetries. He has a tremendous energy and unbelievable skill in transforming the heartfelt desires into words. He writes heart touching Hindi poetries which can melt anyone to a great degree.

Initially, he had to struggle with numerous hurdles in order to find a suitable publisher for his book. He is an IT guy, so he tried all and sundry by clicking mouse and pressing keys on the keyboard. His attempt on traditional publishers proved to be futile as even they could not put much faith on his stuffs. Later on, he approached for self publishing of his book. After talking to various self publishing companies, he found the website which is the best self publishing website in India. Thereby, he was able to get the advantage of different aspects of self publishing books in India. With the help of this new concept of self publishing, he could impart his words the voice it needed to be heard. Educreation Publishing, a Delhi-based company, is helping a lot of emerging Indian authors to self publish their books in India.

Apart from writing poems, Mohit has been gifted in studies too with unique aptitude since his childhood. Getting enrolled in one of the best engineering colleges in India was a stepping stone for Mohit. He felt kind of useless when he couldn’t get the opportunity to have good tuition teachers. Clearing CCIE exam was a very big achievement for him which instilled a great enthusiasm within him, since the resources for preparation was limited at that time.

While explaining about his inspirations behind the existing book and his future directives, he said, “Main Inspiration behind the book is the ‘heartbreak’. I always had the interest in good poetic lines but never thought of writing myself or felt so creative that I do now. But when someone broke my heart unnecessarily, I didn’t know how to get through that period. I never liked anybody in life as I liked that person. A challenge for me was that I need to look happy in front of my parents, my friends so that they don’t feel sad for me.” The interesting thing Mohit tells about his life is that he had not fall in love before writing the poems. It is a more interesting topic to discuss if we imagine what would be the transcendency of poems if he had fallen in love for real.

He was heartbroken but he had to take control over his emotions and his personal life. So, he began writing poems instead of going into abyss or lost in oblivion. He found his great companion in poetries. By God’s grace and blessings of his near and dear ones, he could forge into this venture with a formidable spirit. He could succeed in sailing through that period with help of his two friends, Sachin and Hina. Ironically, people write sadistic poems when they go through that kind of phase in life but for Mohit, it was opposite, which makes him a man of contradictions. Some of the lines written by him are so amazingly romantic in its essence that he himself doesn’t believe that he wrote them. He could never imagine himself being so romantic in nature. He has emerged as a complete new person, after being heartbroken. It brought a drastic change into his life. He wrote hundreds of romantic lines that relate to thousands of lovers around the world.

Describing the beauty of self publishing, Mohit comments, “I finalized Educreation Publishing. I don’t have any positive comment about any other publishers as I know for one thing author can’t make money unless he sells a book in some thousands. Beauty of self publishing companies is that they do not guarantee anything when it comes to marketing, reviews etc., but they charge affordable money from authors so that each and every writing may achieve his/her dream of being a writer.”

No doubt, self publishing in India has become a way to give wings to the dreams of emerging Indian authors, and with the continuous and honest feedbacks of authors, the claim of Educreation Publishing being the number 1 self publishing house of India is retained.
Self publishing books in India by emerging authors are expected to grow on a much higher scale in near future, because all of us had a story, feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences, which we want to share with others in words.

“Zardozi Ehsaas – Jo Bhi Ho… Jahan Bhi Ho… Mere Alfaaz Tumhe Dhoondh hi Lenge” is available in more than 100 countries and in more than 39,000 locations as Paperback and eBook. In India, the book is available on Amazon, Flipkart,, Infibeam, Paytm, Rediff Books, Google Playstore, Kindle, and many other places.