Mahesh Shah’s CA seeks anticipatory bail


AHMEDABAD: Realtor Mahesh Shah’s chartered accountant Tehmul Sethna has moved the city sessions court seeking anticipatory bail fearing his arrest in connection with the disclosure of Rs 13,860 crore made during the Income Disclosure Scheme (IDS).
Sethna has sought legal protection against possible arrest on the basis of a statement issued to the press by the Income Tax department that it is contemplating criminal action against Shah and the CA for the false declaration
Sethna’s advocate Harshit Rao said that the CA had helped Shah only for the purpose of filling up the declaration form under the IDS, which was approved by the I-T department. The I-T officials had reverted to Shah and given a green signal for tax payment after proper verification. The CA claimed he had nothing to do with the information as well as with regard to the volte face made by Shah later on.
Sethna has sought protection against the arrest on the ground that if he is implicated in the case without his involvement in the episode it would damage the reputation he has earned during his 32-year practice. He has mentioned in his application that he cannot be arraigned in this case because the declaration form did not even bear his signature. Moreover, he has not issued any certificate to Shah with regard to his disclosure.