SubraMania Announces the Release of its Second Music Video ‘Esperanza’


Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Bindu and Ambi Subramaniam, children of legendary violinist Dr. L Subramaniam, have come together with their band SubraMania to launch their second music video, ‘Esperanza’, a fusion song combining the best of Spanish and Indian styles on 16th December. The launch of their second single comes a full year after their first single ‘Days in the Sun’, which won several accolades and went viral on social media.

Earlier this year, Bindu and Ambi were invited by the Spanish Government to celebrate 60 years of Spain and India’s continued diplomatic relationship. During their tour, they collaborated with flamenco artist, Carlos Blanco. This served as an inspiration to come back and create ‘Esperanza’.

‘Esperanza’, meaning ‘hope’, uses beautiful melody to summarize the reason for their visit to Spain. It’s a peaceful song combining many interesting elements. Bindu and Ambi’s visit to Spain was an eye opener for them, as it helped them realize the number of similarities between Indian and Spanish music.

“We were inspired by Spanish rhythms and how they complemented the Carnatic rhythm. The Melodic structure and scales are also similar. So we took a scale that was present in the Spanish and Carnatic traditions to then create a song that would fit into both, the Flamenco and the Carnatic style. This way people from Spain and India both would be able to relate to it,” said Ambi Subramaniam.

Talking about the album, Bindu Subramaniam, lead singer of the band, said, “Esperanza is a song that is representative of where we are as a band. The song is experimental and hopeful, and brings together different elements that inspire us. The tour we did in Spain was momentous for us and very inspiring, and Esperanza encapsulates that feeling.”

About SubraMania

Formed by singer/songwriter Bindu Subramaniam termed as a “third generation prodigy” and violinist/composer Ambi, known as “the new king of Indian classical violin”, SubraMania fuses traditional Indian music with elements of pop, rock and jazz, to create contemporary world music.

In addition to creating their own material in English and traditional Indian languages, SubraMania works with well-known classics and jazz standards to interpret them in a completely new light. The band has been built on a multi-generational musical tradition, but with a sound that is distinctly its own.

Both Bindu and Ambi are established solo performers in their own right, with awards, hundreds of stage performances and multiple albums to their credit. They decided to create SubraMania, to create a new voice for contemporary world music. In the short period since it’s been formed, SubraMania has already performed in seven countries across Europe and toured in India, including as part of the Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival 2013-14 featuring Hubert Laws and Oystein Baadsvik and 2014-15 featuring Corky Siegel and Jon Weber.

SubraMania has collaborated with Indi-Pop legend Lesle Lewis, performing with him at the Storm Festival and recording for his new album. They have also worked with Bollywood composer Aadesh Srivastav for his Global Sounds of Peace concert and recording.