Delhi Jal Board plans drive to stop leakage


NEW DELHI: Delhi Jal Board on Thursday announced that it would soon launch a massive campaign across the city to plug leakages in the water distribution system and prevent contamination of potable water.
DJB chairperson Kapil Mishra announced that a ‘Walk the Line’ campaign would be initiated soon under which all connections would be checked for leakages. This exercise would be carried out over 45 days and once identified, the leakages would be fixed within the next six months.

“The chief minister had given us two mandates. The first was to supply water to all parts of the city and make Delhi tanker free. The other was to ensure that everyone gets potable water which is so clean that it can be consumed directly from the tap. To achieve both, it is necessary to plug all leakages and prevent any scope for water contamination. As starters, DJB has added several areas to its water network and we continue to add infrastructure to more and more colonies,” Mishra said.
He added, “Under the new campaign, we will inspect all pipelines to check for damages. We will also survey all house service connections, where most leakages and damage takes place, and make necessary changes. Valves and underground reservoirs will also be checked. We will then spend the next six months replacing and repairing lines and connections where it is required.”