Admiral group Business and Financial Performance


Ken research announced its recent publication titled “Insurance Competitor Profile: Admiral Group 2016,” which offers insights on Admiral Group UK business including its structure, performance in both the commercial and personal lines markets and its marketing and distribution strategy. Furthermore it investigates its strengths and weakness in the market including its sub brands along with it the challenges and opportunities. This report offers a shrewd analysis of Admiral’s organizational structure and its core business segments including its advertising strategy offering insights on the group’s strategy and co insurers.
Admiral Insurance Group provides surplus lines coverage to commercial risks that generally involve mediocre to high degrees of hazard. This Group, a W. R. Berkley Company, is a wholesale-dedicated surplus lines commercial insurance provider. They specialise in underwriting difficult-to-place moderate to high-risk commercial business seeking creative solutions to novel and unusual complex risks. Lines of business incorporate Commercial Casualty, Professional Liability, and Commercial Property.
Admiral Insurance Company is domiciled in Delaware with managerial workplaces in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Admiral Insurance Company is a genuine surplus lines insurer with wide treaties operating as an authorized carrier in New Jersey and Delaware. They are an approved surplus lines carrier writing on a non-conceded premise in all other states plus Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Capital structure
Their low risk approach to their business with key use of reinsurance has made it possible to maintain low levels of capital employed. However in 2014 they found that favourable capital markets and very reasonable rates of interest produced the opportunity to strengthen and diversify the capital resources as they make a prudent transition into Solvency II in 2016, with the attendant regulatory capital requirement and buffers.