I-T sleuths detain five with Rs 35 lakh in new notes


TRICHY: The investigation wing of the income tax departmentin Trichy has seized Rs 35.60 lakh in new currency notesfrom a group of five people who were allegedly involved in exchanged of old notes for new, on Friday. Officials are still in the process of interrogating them, said sources from the income tax department.

According to police sources from Thanjavur, a team of police headed by sub inspector Jambulingam was engaged in vehicle checks near Periyar statue in Orathanadu, Thanjavur district, late Friday evening. Based on a tip off, the team rushed to a car parked near a tea shop in the area and interrogated the passengers.
When the passengers gave contradictory answers, the police became suspicious. They conducted a search inside the car and found a bag full of Rs 2000 currency notes worth Rs 35.60lakh. Subsequently, the information was passed on to their higher officials, who in turn contacted the income tax authorities in Trichy. One of the accused was a hotelier while another was allegedly an AIADMK rural IT wing secretary.

A team of officials from the investigation wing of income tax department rushed to the spot. Police team handed the group over to the income tax officials.
They were taken to the income tax office in Trichy. A team headed by the deputy director of income tax (investigation) department Yazar Arafat, interrogated them.

Officials also conducted raids at the house of the hotelier in KK Nagar and his hotels in the city.