UberPOOL to get real-time push notifications, automatic trip upgrade


Uber is making changes to uberPOOL to make the service seameless for riders, with the most notable ones new features being push notifications and real-time updates. Uber has introduced real-time instructions and updates for riders that will provide them with status notifications to minimise waiting time.

“Riders will soon see updates like “be ready outside,” and “leaving shortly” along with updated push notifications to remind them to be curbside, and notify them that their ride will shortly depart,” said Uber’s Brian Tolkin & Nan Ransohoff in a blogpost.

Uber now has a countdown timer for drivers, after which the driver will move on if rider doesn’t arrive at the pickup location within 2 minutes for uberPOOL option. However, the driver will collect a no-show fee to compensate for lost time. The countdown starts as soon as the driver reaches a pickup location

The automatic trip upgrades feature will automatically swap suitable riders on the same route to save time. In this case, riders and drivers will receive an alert via push notifications with the updated details of their trip. “So while we’ll connect you with a driver when you request, we’ll hold off on matching you with other riders immediately if we think we’ll find a great match in the near future,” the blogpost reads.

Uber launched uberPOOL in India in December 2015. Uber claims it has saved over 32 million kilometres travelled, over 1.5 million litres of fuel and cut over 3.5 million kgs CO2 emissions since the service was announced in India. The company also rolled out its #SwitchtoPOOL campaign to reduce pollution levels and traffic congestion in Indian cities.