LetsShave’s New Video could be India’s New Shaving Anthem


Chandigarh, Punjab, India
It’s groovy, it’s uber cool and it’s funny. LetsShave.com new promotional video, which was recently released, has all the elements of the new age men’s world. In an event held in Chandigarh, LetsShave Team and the invitees couldn’t resist shaking a leg as the goofy video played on a display screen during the launch.
Targeting the new-age male customers – the millennial and the Gen-Z – the video is a clear statement of how our men have come of age when it comes to grooming. “While producing the video, we weren’t trying to sell LetsShave as a product but LetsShave as a grooming statement. We understand today’s men who are aware, well-read and up-to-date with the world. Men are witty by nature and we couldn’t think of a video without some humor,” said Sidharth S Oberoi while addressing the audience during the launch.

The musical promo video with the catchy line – I got your face bro – smartly sketches pictures of when men need the shave most and how a clean-shaven look saves the day for them often. The two models – a mentor and a user – make clean shave look smashing hot while the hip-hop style makes for an interesting shaving anthem.

Based out of Chandigarh, LetsShave is a bootstrapped Internet-only company that had reached breakeven sooner than most startups touching 1,00,000 + customers in a span of six months. It is also one of India’s 50 Most Promising Brands of 2016. LetsShave’s shaving and grooming range is a wide variety of products including world’s first 6-blade razor with a trimmer for both men and women. LetsShave.com enjoys partnership with industry leader Dorco which has been making high quality shaving razor blades since 1955. Dorco is also the official supplier to Dollar Shave Club – the shaving range startup which was recently acquired by Unilever. LetsShave’s unique packaging and delivery have succeeded in charming the customers or as they say – I got your face bro!